Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I have just got back from having my nails done. The most difficult part was getting the car out of our road. Being a cul de sac we don't have a lot of tourists and so the roads are left to their own devices. There was a little neighbourly assistance to get cars moving this morning, but fortunately the main roads were quite passable.
There doesn't seem to be a lot going on at my desk this morning, I have started to colour a couple of downloads I just bought of Roger bear. (Did you see the card with the freebie image a few posts back?) At 75p I reckon these little beauties are a bargain from Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts.
If you want to have a nosey at others' desks, click on the WOYWW banner on my sidebar! Julia reveals all!
A couple of 'visitors' have been wondering about the black thing lying beside my bone folder. Check back later and all will be revealed!
The stamps with the long legs are from Stampin Up, but they are from a few years ago, so i'm not sure if they're still available.


  1. Hehehe I'm chuckling at your comment on Julia's blog and imagining huge piles of stash just off camera in your picture. Show us your mess Chrissie :-)
    A x

  2. Be brave Chrissie and show us the mess - mine's a right mess this week :)
    Anne xx

  3. I love your desk ... it always makes me want to stroke it ... bet I would love the out of shot mess too ... go on ... next week ... be brave :0)

  4. That Tenerife postcard gives me a yearning...your desk is looking like an advert for Copics - even got your 3 colours out rady to blend away!! BUT what is the black 3 legged thing next to the bone folder...and does Susie need one?!

  5. Wow, Chrissie, what fun stuff you have on your desk! My eyes went right to those markers - Ciao, baby, Ciao! I'm not familiar with them (heard the name but that's about it) - are they water or alchohol based? And that envie chart - cool! I could use one of those! :-)

    I'm also not familiar with Elaphanistic products but this is the second time I've heard the name today...

    Ramona :-)
    (come check out my WOYWW post!)

  6. Loving the little bear on your desk and is that chocolate I spy ! Hugs Pam

  7. Lovely desk again Chrissie. I love the look of those stamps in the acrylic box, the ones with the long legs. What make are those please?? I may need them haha xx

  8. Lol, why is it that I'm forming the impression that my desk is waaay to clean!!?? A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind perhaps?? Perhaps if I left everything out I might be inclined to create more, I'm sure there's some sense in that too. I too would love to know what that black thing next to the bone folder is?


  9. This is not the real you is it lol. Well lucky you if it is, you've got a lovely supply of copics there.

  10. Hi Chrissie thanks for stopping by earlier, your desk is very tidy, the goody bag is fantastic lovely spring colours just what we need at the moment to brighten the day.
    Christine x

  11. Hi Chrissie your desk always look tidy you craft somewhere else !!? lol
    Susie xx

  12. Thank you for another toot!!
    You're very kind & your desk is super tidy & I drool over your copics. I think they will be my next big venture this year & to learn how to colour (I'm rubbish at colouring!) x x

  13. I've got Copic envy now .... Your workspace looks like a hive of creativity!

  14. Loving your desk. I have desk envy as well as Copic envy! Have a great weekend. Gez.


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