Wednesday, 20 January 2010


What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?
I have been meaning to have a tidy up for quite a while and today was the day. The corner of my desk has been a dumping ground for months and I decided to make my waste bin earn its keep.
I popped over to Makro and bought the little desktop set of drawers, and needless to say there's something in each of them already. Thinking about it, I may just use that for paper and card and put some of the other things elsewhere, but that's for another day.
I wanted to clear some space to do some wedding stationery. I've got several things to get on with and have just been putting it off. I thought that a nice clear workspace would give me the incentive... and it has. I've begun work already!
I've thrown out the lamp you saw in the first picture as the bulb popped and when I tried to replace it; part of the plastic inside the lamp socket had melted, so needless to say, I haven't used it since.

Hopefully by the time I post another picture of my desk this lot of stationery will be completed!!
Pop over to Julia's blog WOYWW(link on my sidebar) if you fancy a nose around a few other workspaces!!


  1. I am impressed ... everyone will be ... ya show-off :0) Let's just see how long it lasts XXX

  2. What a beautifully organised desk you have today Chrissie. Don't keep it too tidy for too long and do show and tell the wedding stationary you are working on. I'm helping a friend do her's at the mo :-)
    A x

  3. impressive, very tidy well done - i cant seem to manage this at all !!

  4. Wow love the change hun and I'm so jealous - you got more copics than me sob sob. Good luck with the stationary - wish i could get some orders like that ..well i nearly did but they split up a couple of months after asking me to do them lol
    Sam x

  5. must be a week for having a tidy!! I have also had a good clear out.

    I'll post my WOYWDW pics later just trying to get some bits done first!

    Would it be ok if I show cased a couple of your Roger cards on my blog?
    Helen x

  6. You can’t get away with it Chrissie………there comes a time in every girls life when the desk just ‘has’ to be tided and it seems that today was your day. Bet it doesn’t take you long to get it back in the state it was in thought!

    Love your Wedding stationary design. I’m also working on some in Navy and Ivory at the moment.

  7. show off! thats unnaturally tidy!
    (only jealous!)

  8. What a lovely clear space Chrissie and the new drawers look great!
    Good luck wiht your wedding stationery.

    Keryn :D

  9. Ooh that card is beautiful :) The desktop drawers will be ideal for card and paper :)
    anne xx

  10. See how lovely it looks now?? Tidy can be GOOD, honest it can ...

  11. Oh, I am impressed! Lovely clean space now. Love the wedding stationery too, it looks great, have you many to do? I also spied a folding chart on your pin board, that's a great idea, maths was never my strong point!


  12. Wow, it looks like a model of efficiency and calm! Which is kinda how I imagine your method....I like the draw thingy, but if I put paper in it, no draw would shut because it would get shoved and curly and frustrated and aaargh! I've definitely solved my paper crisis!

  13. I don't know how how you manage to stay so neat and organized AND create so many cards every day. You are my hero :)

  14. Look how tidy you are, the drawer thing under my desk is where I store my paper or should i say some of it I'm not very disciplined and also have 7 paper mill boxes full and tray full, and thats just the plain card I think I might need a skip never mind a set of those lovely drawers you have. Pam

  15. desk envy alert! Very tidy but no way is it staying that way - you're a messy crafter at heart and you know it! Very gorgeous wedding stationery too

  16. WOW your desk is just fantastic trade you my pencils for your copics LOL look at all those yummy colors to play with
    hugs Nikki

  17. Love the card you have just made in the last photograph, I hope you show it soon in more detail, lovely desktop too, my computer has to be on my desktop, but I manage.
    Jose x

  18. It's so tidy! I wish I could have such a clean desk as yours!! :)


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