Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Good morning all!
I have treated myself to a bunch of alcohol inks, which I won in an eBay auction and so am in the process of finding out what to do with them.
Here are a few of my endeavours. I have looked at a few YouTube  videos, but I am totally confused by the fact that on these videos the demonstrators choose a heap of random colours which they combine to make a wonderful effect and when I tried a few, they looked like sludge.
Anyway, here are a few pics of my trials. This one had rather too large a helping of blending solution on  the right hand side.
So I stamped in the space, using the same stamp with some Stazon ink.
This one started out as total sludge, but I stamped a couple of times with Stazon blazing red, then gold and it was resurrected somewhat.
Watch this space to see what appears with these bits of art!
Join us in our snoop around the world. Julia would be delighted if you did. The link is on my sidebar.


  1. Oh how exciting to try out some new goodies and techniques
    you have achieved beautiful backgrounds
    I love the 'pink' and gold my eyes see it lol Looks fabulous
    I love 'blowy# flowers

    Happy WOYWW Chrissie
    mandi xx
    ps Congrats on winning KIS Seeing Stars...well deserved

  2. Chrissie, I'm not a stamper, but I use those AIs on occasion for backgrounds. The trouble I have with them is they really don't look good unless you use glossy CS, and photo paper, although glossy, doesn't work at all. I sometimes use transparencies and they work, but most people I know put the AIs in dots on felt and smoosh it on. They get little circles and ringlets and try to blend the ink and it looks terrible. When you play with these awhile, you will have to share your technique. Actually, I like the look you are getting. Not all circle like, but nicely blended. Happy WOYWW (no. 12).

  3. well love the backgrounds,you have created,here and love the stamps you have used,too,great effects on all of them,I put my ink,straight onto my,ink blending tool one drop of each,then you just swirl it over the glossy card,to get a rainbow effect,works brilliantly,looks effective,too,hugs cheryl xxxx

  4. Sir Tim would be proud of what you have done with AI's!

  5. Your backgrounds do look lovely although you don't seem to be happy with them - I am thinking of buying some alchochol inks but as you I haven't used them ( except for coloring metal) so I don't know what to do with them.
    I will be back to see how you get on!

  6. loving the effects you have got on your work looks so fab!!Give them a go on some acetate think they work nice on that too xx


  7. OMG Chrissie these are beautiful, you changed your style since I was last here , but I can see you're still the classy crafter you always were
    Hope you are keeping well
    Hugs Susie xx

  8. Hi ya hun
    oh luving what you have donem those pages look gorgeous, i havent got any of these, think now maybe i need some?have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(13)

  9. Great AI work, have fun playing with them. I don't use them much, not really sure why.... have a good day. (38)

  10. Oh loads of inky bits,heaven!

    Maria x #73

  11. Your backgrounds look great, would love to have a play with some AIs :D Jules (63)

  12. Lovely to see what you are up to and lovely results too. Thanks for the snoop!
    JoZarty x

  13. Have a bit of a 'sludge' problem with alcohol inks myself but love how you have resurrected them with stamped images. Think the trick is not to circle but still learning.
    x Tricia (79)

  14. Love the papers you are making with AIs, Elizabeth #60

  15. Well those are just gorgeous experiments - lovely colour blends.

  16. Cool inks. Looks like you're getting the hang of it since those papers look pretty.

    Terry #4

  17. Chrissie, what wonderful items you have made with the alcohol inks. I'm a newbie to the WOYWW so please be gentle with me!! Best wishes, Kym (No 42)

  18. the fun is in the experimenting Chrissie - and finding out what works.. not bad for first attemps mind - and if you never said that it looked like sludge, i'd never have guessed! You've not got that far to go before you've cracked it!!!

    Paula x x x

  19. Hi Chrissie, beautiful creations on your desk today, enjoy playing! hugs Heidi (#26) x

  20. Alcohol inks - another thing to add to my must try list. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Well, not being afraid to have a go is the key - and see! You're turning sludge into colour already! They make me dither from lack of hard and fast user rules, and so I don't!! Keep showing me more, I LOVE what you've done thus far.

  22. i love my alcohol inks - and you seem to be rapidly getting to grips with them
    Dx 104

  23. They are so handy, those little ink bottles and your backgrounds are fantastic!!

    Have a great week.
    Sue xx 72

  24. Chrissie,
    They look good to me. I like seeing your cup of tea on the side there.

    Kelly #124

  25. Oooh I love playing with new toys - with alcohol inks you need to put three drops of different colours on a piece of felt and then dab, dont drag, randomly all over the page - the colours will blend nicely then. HTH (No 46)

  26. How fantastic is that Chrissie! A bit of experimentation and you'll be well away, the pieces you've already made look brilliant and very usable.

    Brenda 87

  27. oh such lovely background papers you are making. Had to go check out the later posts to see your lovely creations you made!

  28. Woooo - those backgrounds look fab! I love my alcohol inks. The trick to not getting sludge is not to blend them too much. Thanks for swinging by!

  29. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I cannot get to grips with the TH scissors (red handles) so use the orange handles instead, hence the blister.

    You AI's look fine to me - love the bluey turquoise one especially. Remember the colour theory and if you mix the three primaries together you will get brown (red, blue, yellow).

    Others have told you how to use (three dots on your blender tool)then try dabbing, moving in circular motions (kind of swaying) whilst twisting the tool handle in your hand. You can also "swipe" vertical then horizontal to give a checked effect (bit like plaid). Always use glossy card (not photo)or try them on plastic or metal, glass - anything with a slick surface.

    Don't forget you can get Blender Fluid and drop bits on or put it all over with your blending tool.

    Also you can drop some on your craft mat and then put your glossy cardstock on and swish it about on the mat, repeat where bits have not picked up.

    If you go to You Tube and type in a search for Alcohol Inks you will find some there - or try Tim Holtz in the search and then look for his videos on AI's.

    There's so much more you can do with AI's - you will love them when you get to grips with them.

    Hope this helps. (I like butterscotch and lettuce together, then add a bit of gold later)

  30. Your desk looks very interesting!!!

    Sorry I'm late visiting this week.


  31. Your trials look fab! Just had a nosey on your blog and you make beautiful cards :-)


  32. I am so going to have a play with my AIs now. I really like your green/blue page. thanks for popping by earlier this week. had great time with mum, trying to catch up on all things blog (and washing) now she is off home. caroline

  33. those projects using alcohol inks look great! i don't think we have them here but if ever i find some i will try them out. happy WOYWW from#6


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