Monday, 4 October 2010


Saturday was the day for another reunion of girls who started Brownhills High School (a grammar school for girls in Stoke-on-Trent) in 1956. We have had many such occasions over the years, all of which had been organised by one of our number who sadly died earlier this year just prior to a planned meeting. That reunion was postponed and so this one was also in tribute to her for all she had done to keep us in touch over the years.
Can you spot me?
I am wearing black, leaning in a bit of a heap on the girl behind me, two to the right of the girl in the green cardigan.
If you zoom in and  look closely, you may see an interloper... the son of our previous organiser, who braved the bunch of old women to join us in our tribute to his mother.
We had a wonderful time reminiscing, talking about things and occasions half forgotten, bringing out the old photographs, trying to remember the names of those pictured.
My husband had suggested that we take a few day's break prior to this weekend, and so we had a fabulous few days in Shropshire (despite the weather) before continuing to North Staffordshire.
It's an area we had intended to visit for some time and so this was a great opportunity. There is so much of this country we have yet to explore.
One place we desperately wanted to visit was Stokesay Castle. We have a Graham Clarke etching of it and wanted to see it for ourselves. We weren't disappointed. It was fabulous, even in the rain.
So with visits to Ludlow and Ironbridge as part of our itinerary, plus staying in a pub where there was an excellent local ale, all was good. Sometimes a short break is as good as a long holiday!


  1. So! You visited Shropshire without calling in for a cuppa eh? Not that I would have recognised you cos even zooming in I wouldn't have spotted you in that pic as you seem to look very different to the pic on you blog profile?
    A x

  2. So glad you enjoyed your reunion and haven't you learned to sit up straight YET? The photos you took on your break look amazing and like you we've so much of our country still to explore - just wish the weather was better. Hugs x

  3. So glad your reunion went well, and that you enjoyed your short break


  4. Looks like a good time was had by all! Lovely to see you both on Saturday, but you forgot something - will post. Eileen


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