Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Just a quickie today.
Here you see my photographic studio amongst the mess of my desk.
I was away for a long weekend at my son's and haven't really got into the swing of things since returning.
Yesterday was spent making a 'Miss Mouse' for my granddaughter Daisy. She loves the programme Show Me, Show Me, on CBeebies and my daughter thought Daisy would love this one of the characters from the show.
I managed to find a pattern to knit a mouse so now I have to dress her.
I used an old pattern for an action man suit which I'd made for my son years ago to make the trousers. I need  to make a shirt and a tank top. I'm going to try to use the Action man pattern for the shirt but if anyone has a knitting pattern for a little V necked sleeveless tank top, I'd love to share it! Miss Mouse is about 9ins tall.
I need to put the popper on the trousers, they're just secured with a pin at the moment.
How do you secure whiskers so that they can't be pulled out?
I hope that Daisy will like it when I've finished!
Pop over to Julia's  to join in the worldwide snoop!
Stay warm and take care in the cold weather.


  1. oh Chrissie how sweet, fancy having an action man pattern the things grandmas do, think I might have to have a go at making a light box as I'm having to wait for my day off to take decent pics, thanks for the peek

  2. your studio box is a great idea, I am always clearing a space so I can photograph an item without everything else showing in the background. I will have to construct one of those.

  3. Aw cool mouse, and i love your studio booth, very handy to have.
    Happy WOYWW
    Minxy #34

  4. Little mousey is lovely - don't forget to show us when she is all dressed up ready to go!

  5. I like the way you make pictures of that lovely card. #81

  6. Oh Chrissie, how clever, your mouse is so sweet. You sound just like my mum, she always had knitting patterns for my brother's Action Man and for my Sindy. (I bet she's still got them)

  7. oh Chrissie - that is super cute - is there no ends to your talents??? I'm sure she'd love her - how can't you!! I'm no knitter - but I've just ordered one of those really cheap sewing machine from create and craft - lets see what I can muster up with one of those!!!

    I love your term 'photographic studio'... what happened to your light tent? Didn't it work out - did the box come white or did you paint that? Its perfect for the job - I might set the (very bored) boys on when they've got fed up with the snow!

    Paula x x x

  8. Hi Chrissie
    aww how cute is that im sure Daisy will luv it, oh duno about securing the whiskers!have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

  9. Chrisse thats so cute im sure she will love it!
    Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex#4

  10. Miss Mouse is fabulous and Daisy will love it as would any little girl or big girl come to that ;-) To secure the whiskers do a little knot either side, by doing a little backstitch and making a knot in it IYKWIM
    Anne xx

  11. Oh I love Miss Mouse and I am sure Daisy will too. You are so talented my friend.
    Now in regards to your light box about what size is it and when you take photos does the box sit on your table and do you use any extra lighting or do you use a flash on your camera? My photos are always dark and I am trying to find something that will work.

  12. Miss mouse is really gorgeous. Do show and tell her when she is finished please.
    A x

  13. I love your little mouse - thanks for sharing with us today

  14. Oh, I love Miss Mouse! What a wonderful idea!

  15. What a cute mouse, Chrissie. Daisy will love it. Can't think what you could do with the whiskers, though, sorry!! And every time I read about your Daisy, I smile, 'cos my daughter's name is Daisy too!!!

    Julie :o)

  16. Lordy, you're asking me how to knit!! Love Miss Mouse, especially the ribbon in her hair, looks like a headscarf!

    Brenda 90

  17. I know how to knit. Find a friend who loves doing it and convince them to do it for you! So, how about making me a mouse? Cos it's fab and I'd love one!

    cheers, rachel #54

  18. LOVE that mouse clever are you. Securing whiskers is something about knots as you pull them through ....remember from the dim and past when MIL made felt ones lol sorry cant help more

  19. Precious Miss Mouse. What a terrific banner for Wednesdays! Hugs from Buffalo NY #115 Vicki

  20. I'd love your little mouse, so how can Daisey not. Keep thinking about making a light box... yours looks good. #15

  21. I did pop in yesterday, (Late!!) but I couldn't see the pictures, I have a pillow case or table cloth on my printer as my 'photo studio' and sometimes a shoe box! Love the card and the mouse, so cute!Happy WOYWW!!

  22. Love the peep at your desk and your mouse is so cute - wish i was better at knitting but I am too heavy handed! thanks for sharing Nicky ~30

  23. Here I am trying to catch up after missing so much last week. Love your photo studio. Happy belated and nearly time time for the next WOYWW (#3).


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