Thursday, 2 December 2010

A few more clothes for Miss Mouse

Well Miss Mouse is now nearly done!
She needs whiskers but I don't know what to use to make them. Maybe fishing line? Then I'd have to secure them firmly, so I'll keep thinking about that one.
I made the shirt and trousers by adapting a 30 year old action man pattern. The pullover I just made up as I went along. It's actually my second attempt as I didn't allow enough space to put the neckband in, so I just started again and  made the top part longer.
The shoes were also just made up as I went along. I was quite pleased how it all turned out.
She's standing all by herself... clever isn't she!
I spent last night sorting out my sewing box in an attempt to find my transparent poppers (press studs). I have thrown out a waste basketful of  rubbish and feel really pleased that I actually found what I was looking for a the bottom of the box.
You can't actually see her tail in this picture, maybe I'll take another so you can see that too.
Let's hope Daisy likes her!


  1. she is fab Chrissie. Could you use some jewellery thread for the whiskers so that they'd stick out but be soft and not hurt Daisy? You can get waxed linen thread that would be a good and fits through a big needle too!

  2. I use black strong thread for whiskers. If you stitch it back and fro through her nose a few times to secure it it should be fine. You can always knot it underneath her eyes and then take the thread out through her nose. I've done it successfully on many mice :-)

  3. I can't tell you how much I love this mouse and the outfit - it's fantastic!
    Clare x

  4. Oh your mouse is wondeful! I think fishing line would be great for the whiskers as it holds its shape and whiskars are of course an essential "embelishment" for a mouse! Great work, I am sure your grand daughter will love it and cherish it for years!

  5. Daisy will love her I am sure. If I think of something for the whiskers I will let you know

  6. She is gorgeous! I love her little outfit.

  7. Daisy can't fail to love her, she's beautiful. Good luck with the whiskers.

  8. OMG - this is soooooooo clever. You've done a really fantastic job - Daisy will love her.... i love the clothes you've made her - I bet it was so fiddly knitting such tiny clothes... i can almost imagine you doing them on tiny knitting needles LOL!!!

    Paula x x x

  9. WOW Chrissie I nearly missed this post - this is fab !!!! Super-duper !!!


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