Tuesday, 29 September 2009

365 Cards Day 213 In Pieces

Today we began with some components to piece together to make a Halloween inspired card. My printer didn't want to talk to my computer which made things very difficult as no printing could take place, I did manage a brief reconciliation however and got one image printed on some Pink Petticoat paper.
Everything on this card has spots. The ribbon and the orange paper started off with them, but I added the Cuttlebug random snowflake dots to the brown paper. It's one of my new folders and I think that I shall be using it lots.
I tried the pumpkin with a face, but made a very poor fist of it and so discretion being the greater part of valour, I decided to leave it off.
I hope that is allowed!


  1. Chrissie...Your image looks very striking the way you layered it and left the rest of the card white. Great job!!

  2. It's alot of face for the pumpkin huh. Love the finished card - am with you about the snowflake cuttlebug folder - love love love the randomness.

  3. Love the simplicity of this card! GREAT! Aloha!

  4. chrissie this turned out sooo sweet...I love all the white space!!

  5. do you know what Chrissie - you should write as well as craft, reading your last few posts have been such a tonic.

    Love this card, very clean - very you



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