Friday, 11 September 2009

Hit Counter Aberration ... Can anyone help explain?

A curious thing has occurred on my blog.
The hit counter has had a funny turn as it were, and reverted from 40,000+ to 12,000ish!!!
Is it trying to tell me that I should have offered some blog candy in celebration when 40,000 went by, or that I don't deserve so many hits?
Some time ago it did something odd, I don't remember exactly what but then sorted itself out again. What's the point of a hit counter if it loses about 28,000 hits along the way?
It reached the 40,000 last Wednesday before I left home to come and look after my granddaughter. My Feedjit thingy is also registering me as being in Basingstoke rather than Bath, so that is odd too!
Are there gremlins loose?


  1. Hi Chrissie, Im not sure whats going on with it but i have lost over 6000 hits this week lol. My husbands blog which he has only just started had 74 hits and then from nowhere it added 11000 hits overnight lol... If i hear of any glitches with it i will be sure to let you know.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  2. Mine did the same thing yesterday! It went from 4,000 hits to 22,000 hits!

  3. Definitely weird stuff happening.

  4. SNAP !!!!
    Hi Chrissie - was just heading over to apologise for my lack of visits and comments. Moving to Germany as taken about 2 months out of my life - probably added them on as well (lol).
    This same thing has happened to me this week - have emailed you about it.
    hugs Heather xx

  5. Ah. I can't explain it (moi?, not in these shoes or this lifetime!). But you aren't alone..a couple of days ago I was surfing and found someone else's blog and they were saying the very same thing! SO, weird, but you aren't alone. No help though, huh! Sorry.

  6. oooh - eer what's that all about then?

    You're registered on crafty blogs aren't you? You can check your stats there so they haven't been erased altogether, as to why...yes put it down to Gremlins and next time remember - don't feed them after midnight!


  7. They must have come over onto my blog because I have suddenly jumped from 5,000 od to 11,000 odd! Very strange indeed :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. Definitely!!! My blog lost 53,000 - I was nearly lost for words! This has happened to me before with this counter, so this time I have installed a different one. One things for sure I have enough probs without Gremlins butting in. ikki

  9. I added a counter a few months ago, and after a few weeks it went from 1,000 to zero. It would not even begin counting again! I deleted it. I hope yours resolves itself :)


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