Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Granny on call!

I had an emergency call from my son-in-law this morning. My granddaughter had been sick 5 times during the night, my daughter was exhausted, he had to work, so Granny jumped in the shower, and drove the 70 odd miles to Bath to go and help out.
Daisy perked up as soon as I got there and after I'd had some breakfast, we went out for a walk into the town whilst my daughter did several loads of laundry, managed to get some of her work done, but more importantly managed to get a little sleep. Daisy had a good sleep in the stroller. I love this stroller, I bought it for me to use either at home or in Bath, and it's great. It can recline a long way down so that it's a great position for a nap.
The last time Daisy was sick, she and Libby were staying here whilst the building work was being done in their house, so James hadn't ever seen her being ill and I think it scared him a little. He was so grateful for me rushing there that two huge bouquets of flowers were delivered during the day. One for my daughter from Daisy to thank her for looking after her and one for me from Libs, James and Daisy for all I do for them.
What a wonderful surprise! What a generous gesture!
The sunflowers are my daughter's bouquet and the old fashioned pink roses are mine.
What a little treasure my son-in-law is!


  1. Oh what a beautiful sentiment - a lovely way to say "Thank you." You have a wonderful family.

  2. What a lovely mum/nana you are and what lovely flowers, hope every thing is back to normal now.
    Sue x
    PS love your blog x

  3. Oh bless her little cotton socks. But granny made her feel better x
    Such a wonderful suprise, and what two beautiful bouquets.

  4. Hey super gran!

    What beautiful flowers, so glad Daisy is on the mend, it always scares me when my children are ill and vomiting is awful for them.

    Glad Libby was able to get some rest too, Zac's grandparents have been my heres this week, having him two days running to let me rest.

    Have a good day today if you're back on your usual granny duty day


  5. Chrissie, what a fantastic Granny you are, it is great to be so appreciated, I hate when my grandchildren are sick, you wish you could take their place, if you know what I mean, hope Daisy is on the mend now, and enjoy those "BEAUTIFUL" flowers. Hugs Avril xxx

  6. You are a treasure to them as well! Thank you for sharing the beautiful flowers to brighten our day as well.

    In my husband's family, the name for his mom & her siblings (ages 55-70 right now) are the "geris" (short for geriatrics.) Our generation, the cousins (ages 28-45) are the "prime of lifers". But dh's Aunt Bonnie calls the geris the "treasures." YOU are a treasure, Chrissie :)

  7. So nice to know you're valued. Beautiful, much deserved flowers. Glad Daisy's on the mend - I expect Libby and James will be exhausted for a few more days yet...the babies get ove rit so much better than the grown ups!

  8. Oh wow, you must treasure that wonderful SIL of yours. Hope your daughter and family are better.


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