Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bow Maker

Several friends have commented on how neat the bows on my cards are. Well I cannot tell a lie, I DO have help. I use a bow maker.
These are very simple pieces of kit, but are invaluable.
When making a card I usually attach the straight ribbon onto the card first and add the bow afterwards so that the ribbon fits precisely.
There are instructions for tying the bow, which is different from the conventional method, but once learned, is really simple. They can be stand alone bows or with a bit of fiddling around can be tied onto the ribbon already on the card. If this is too fiddly, they can be stuck on with a glue dot and no-one is the wiser.
I did have written instructions for the bow maker, but I'm afraid that I can't find them at the moment. If you buy one of these items they come complete with instructions. Mine only cost a couple of pounds on eBay.
You can always tell if a bow has been tied with a bow maker as both tails appear from behind the loops rather than one in front and one behind as in a conventional bow!
The image with the bow already tied is taken from the side you work from, which is in fact, the back of the finished item.
Neat Huh!


  1. The bow makers are a wonderful valuable piece of equipment to have, its so much easier than struggling or asking someone for their finger,
    they are not dear to buy either, or even make if you can.

  2. ooh yours is a posh wooden one, mines only plastic and probably with much shorter poles!


  3. Oh! great. I have terrible trouble tying bows with the OA in my thumb joints, so maybe this is the answer. My bows have always been hit and miss so I will just have to look for one of these. Thanks for sharing. x

  4. Ah biscuitlid, at least you have poles. Me, I have pole envy now.

  5. I showed hubby your version of a Bow Maker. He
    designed one on a different scale and they have gone over like wild fire. We are out of
    stock on them now but he is hoping to make some more in the future. Everyone loves them.

  6. Oh I have one of these they are great aren't they , and so simlpe to use , once you have used it you can't live without it !! lol


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