Thursday, 21 May 2009

365 Card Day 81 It's hip to be square!

Yesterday was not a good card-making day for me. I was trying to make a retirement card for a doctor in the practice of a friend of mine. She wanted a fairly large one so that lots of people would have room to sign and write a message in it. I'm not brilliant at huge cards!

I still haven't managed it, but I'll start afresh today. This is probably the reason why I didn't get around to doing yesterday's 365 card until this morning.

This is very simple, but it's what came into my head when I had the parameter of using 5 squares!

Apologies to orange and indigo, but I made a small reference to those colours on the little rainbow!


  1. Very bright and colourful :o)
    I haven't forgotten my lovely award from you, still trying to figure out how to chose just a few to pass it on to :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. OhMyGoodness...this is just darling!!!


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