Sunday, 24 May 2009

2 Lovely awards!

I received this Honest Scrap award from Mandy. She has a fabulous blog so do check it out.
These are the rules I must link back to the person who gave me the award and I must give 10 pieces of information about myself.

Here goes
1. I was the first Queen's Guide in my Girl Guide Company (The 13th Stoke-on-Trent)
2. I snorkeled for the first time in the Caribbean last year.
3. I colour my grey/white/mousy/salt & pepper hair with ash blonde home colouring kits.
4. I am the messiest crafter, I put down my scissors, tape, card components etc, etc., and can't see them amongst the clutter.
5. I am a member of Hampshire Cricket.(My husband and I spend many happy days watching them play)
6. I love dark oak repro furniture (sadly I can't afford the real thing)
7. I collect etchings by the Kentish artist Graham Clarke.
8. I had back surgery in the USA and my appendix removed in France.
9. I can roll my tongue, but my daughter can't.
10. My favourite tipple is Gin & Tonic.

This award was given to my by Maz. It's entitled 'The gift of love' I guess it's kind of self-explanatory.

In turn I would now like to pass these awards on to Sherry, Rose, June, Barbara and Ikki, who told me, and then had to remind me how to get multiple pictures and text in the correct place on a posting! Bless you!


  1. Thanks for the awards and the 10 tidbits of information about you. It is fun getting to know the women here. I don't think mine would be as interesting.

  2. I enjoyed learning 10 things I did not know about you. I will have to think on mine...

    Thank you for the awards! I am so appreciative and honored :)

  3. Interesting reading, I got this award too so will pop my 10 things on this week.

    Feel I know you better now. And what I wouldn't do for a G&T right now, still I will have to make do with a simple T instead


  4. thanks for thinking of me chrisse :D wow how cool to learn 10 things about the ones we have meet on line! no idea what the girl guide company is but way to go for being the first queens guide!!

  5. Hi Chrissie, pleased to be of help - after all that's what friends are for! Thanks to for the super awards - appreciate you thinking of me. Eileen

  6. me again, forgot to mention I enjoy a G & T with you in September! Eileen


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