Sunday, 17 May 2009

An Award from Shari

What a wonderful surprise to receive this great award from Shari.

This award means that your blog is condsidered to be a jewel. I've always been partial to jewels and it's great to think that Shari considers my blog to be in the same category.

There are some blogs which are real treasures and I would in turn like to pass this award on to Victoria and Ikki.

Both of these ladies are superb crafters; one who also makes fabulous Wedding stationery as a business and the other who shares her expertise with the Cuttlebug with the rest of us.

Look and be inspired!


  1. Thanks Chrissie, you are right they are! And, I very happy to receive them. Thank you so much, you are a great crafter and friend. ikki
    ps Have you seen my NEW pierceabilities? Let me know what you think.


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