Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Trying times!

Last week I had a crisis when my laptop refused to connect to the internet. Despite various attempts to reinstall various bit and pieces (under the instruction of a techy guy on the end of the phone), the prognosis was that the wireless card was broken and my machine had to go back to Sony for repair!
They repaired it reasonably quickly all things considered, however upon its return I discovered that it had been totally reset and all my programs and files etc were no longer there. It was like a brand new computer!
Today I have spent nearly all my time adding essential programs like virus protection, printer drivers email details... my 'LIM' email address is still elusively keeping away from my Windows  Mail... it just doesn't want to join in the fun! I can't work out how to add it. I did it once before, but now I can't remember what I did exactly.
Anyway enough of my woes... well almost, I cant remember how I made my watermark either, so I'll have to do without until I manage to sort that little lot out too!
Hey Ho!
Here is a card made from the sketch at Clean and Simple, I feel quite pleased that I've managed to get it onto my blog at all!
I'm off to do a little more sorting out now!
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  1. My laptop is the bane of dh's existence :) We can't live without them, can we?

    Your card is perfectly Chrissie (synonym for awesome). I CASEd your side-step baby card today!


  2. Don't you just hate technology sometimes - for all its wonders it can't have be a pain in the preverbial!

    Lovely card - I'm itching to play in this challenge but my room is being updated and I can't get at any of my stuff :-(

  3. A great card Chrissie, love those black buttons. Sympathies for your 'sick' PC - you'd think they'd just replace the wireless card - not totally wipe the whole thing! x

  4. Fab card, love the ladybird centre. Sounds like a technological nightmare to me ,aaarrrggghhh
    Jennie X

  5. Great card love the contrast of the ladybird. Great idea.

  6. Fabulous card - your techie problems sound very familiar and I really sympathise with you - the motherboard on our computer went a couple of weeks ago and although that's been fixed things still aren't totally right with it but I haven't had time to sit down and sort things properly yet

  7. Lovely fresh looking card Chrissie. Sorry to hear about your computer woes, they are a pain in the **** when they go wrong.

  8. Absolutely FAB
    You oould enter LIM lol

  9. Just stunning Chrissie, very elegant.

    Hope you lappy gets sorted soon, it's not until we have these problems that we realise how dependent we have become on technology.

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creation and joining in my Bloomin’ Blossoms theme at Allsorts this week.

    B x

    There's a Stampalot voucher up for grabs here

  10. WOW! This is very creative,your ideas never cease to amaze me I love the little ladybird.
    I know how you feel about your laptop, I am still coming to terms with mine crashing and trying to replace everything, its a nightmare as I am not very p.c. tech minded so our daughter is now trying to sort things out for us via 'log me in'. Hope you get there soon. Love Sheila x

  11. So cute, I love the twine and the ladybug.


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