Friday, 15 April 2011

W for White +1

How clean and simple can you get?
This is probably just about as far as you could go.
A simple stamp and sentiment. The sentiment is a little clear stamp from Personal Impressions.
The image stamp is from Stampin' Up, I bought a couple of sets of retired stamps from an eBay seller in the US.
The package value was the equivalent of £18.43.
 It was selected by our Customs people and I had to pay £3.83 VAT and... wait for it ... £8 handling charge.  Apparently my package was worth 43p more than the accepted allowance and so the charge was incurred. On a different day, with the fluctuation of the exchange rate it may well have been within the parameters of acceptability, but not on this occasion. I did wonder about ringing them but decided to save myself the cost of the phone call, as I probably wouldn't have got anywhere anyway!
Hey Ho! I shall remember the limit the next time I make an overseas purchase!
Alphabet Challenge - W- White + 1


  1. Lovely card Chrissie. I know haw you feel about custom charges happened to me only it was for a microscope from India!... became a very expensive gift! :)
    Sue B x

  2. What a pretty card and soooo simple :-)
    There are lots of retired stamps for sale still over in the blog shop if you are looking for custom charges there :-)
    A x

  3. Oooh, it makes your blood boil doesn't it - £8 handling charge, I'm indignant for you lol!

    Lovely CAS card Chrissie, thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fab card Chrissie. I got stung with customs a couple of years ago! It made me very warry, in fact I have only recently bought anything from overseas since. It cost me about the same. xx Jan

  5. I bought some stamps from the US recently and they very kindly put "gift" on the package - only cost me £3 postage in total :-)
    This card is so beautiful - that much white still scares me when I do it, but yours always work so darn well!!!

  6. Simply beautiful Chrissie.
    I had the same problem when I ordered some PTI stamps. The customs men put their bit on then parcel force added another £15.
    Lynne xxx

  7. What a gorgeous card Chrissie.

    Hugs Riet.x

  8. Oh tis worth it though chooch!
    What is the sent called?

    i know I'm meant to be creating.....

  9. Beautiful card. Looks so good with the single image. I've never bought from overseas for that reason, too scared to but look on in envy when I see what you could buy in the states! x

  10. That's not a handling charge that's daylight robbery!!! I don't object to paying for stuff from the US but sometimes I think the Customs and Excise duties are ridiculous and completely unjustifiable.
    This is a lovely stamp Chrissie and a really beautiful card - you'll have to make lots of them to get your money's worth!

  11. This is just stunning! Clean, simple and beautiful. I've always liked this stamp, but haven't manage to acquire it yet :)

    Sorry to hear about the Customs hit.

  12. Fabulous CAS card Chrissie, just the way I like 'em!!!
    Tell me about the customs people! I've fallen foul of them twice now, so I don't exceed £18 worth of goods (well not often). It's better value to get 2 small items and pay the extra p&p to have them shipped singularly but of course if you want an expensive item basically you've got to pay, that handling charge of £8 is galling. Poor you I do sympathise.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge, big smiles:0) xxx

  13. Great card, beautifully CAS.
    oh dear we have ordered some stuff from the states...we'll have to wait and see about customs!
    Jenny x

  14. That is a CAS card to the extreme, just beautiful. Thanks for playing with us at the Alpahbet Challenge, blessings Hilde

  15. Such a great simple CAS card, love it.Oh my that custom charge is terrible, not fallen foul of it myself as yet but it always worries me :O) Viv xx

  16. oh my God! I really really love this. would like to make one like this. I'll be thinking a lot about this card so i better make one as soon as possible or else i can't sleep at night.


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