Thursday, 14 April 2011

Look familiar?

For those who have seen my sample card for "Less is More" this week, this may seem rather familiar.
I made this card before I made the sample card and then converted it from this version to a one layered card.
I must say that this one was much easier to make, as the various components were stamped separately and then layered together. It does look very similar I must say!
Stempeltraume - Oval


  1. Brilliant sentiment Chrissie and love the depth this card has :)
    Val x

  2. I love the one layer version, but the depth from the layers is beautiful too! I do like that sentiment!

  3. I love this, and can appreciate how much more time it takes with the masking for a one layer card - I used this technique on the teapot on my first card that I ended up discarding!

  4. I really love the sheer bow with the stamping underneath - it adds a certain elegance to the project :-)

  5. Stunning as a layered card too. x

  6. I love your musical cards, they always inspire me. I just wish I had time to act on the inspiration. I am hoping to participate in the LIM challenge again soon. There has been a lot of musical activity around our house lately, my girls not me, but I do the driving back and forth!


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