Monday 14 June 2010

Back from Sunny Spain

We have just returned from a week in Spain with my daughter and her hubby and Daisy. We had a great time altogether and I'm glad to say that the kids had a real bit of R&R. My husband spent a lot of time watching Mr Tumble on DVD with Daisy during the hottest part of the day and walking around the beautiful grounds spotting butterflies etc with her when it wasn't quite so hot. He was good value this holiday and Daisy just loves him!
We were using our Vacation Points with a company we have belonged to for many years. Their properties are superb and we have enjoyed every one of the many holidays we have spent with them. If anyone would like to try a week for just £150 look at the link on my sidebar. I can thoroughly recommend giving it a go.
But now it's back to card making and blogging. I found three awards waiting for me when I got back, for which I'm so grateful... however it's taken me nearly all morning to do the posting, but now I'm ready to make a card.
Where shall I start?.


  1. Chrissie you won JCB a few weeks ago but remembered you were on your hols so kept the stamp for you. Could you email me your details sweetie. Hugs Ali x

  2. So glad you had a lovely holiday and that hubby fulifilled his role hehehehe
    Would've loved a week there Chrissie but have just booked to go away with DD and family at the end of August.
    Anne xx

  3. Hi Chrissie
    thanks for the look as if you have a lovely tan ...where abouts in Spain did you go?...seems very reasonable..must look into it ...glad you enjoyed your break ..i loved it when my grand children where little and we used to take two at a time abroad ...i love babies byt sadly they are 17to 24 years old now.. enjoy Daisy while she is little they are gorgeous...
    Sylvie ...xxxxx


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