Saturday, 19 June 2010

One Stop Crafts and knot tutorial

I made this card with an image of AJ from The Stamping Boutique. They are sponsoring the challenge at One Stop Crafts this week, so do pop over and join in the fun. The theme is 'One for the boys' and I think that this image is perfect for it!
The sentiment was added in Word Art and the image coloured with Copics.
I think that the thought of a little boy with all sorts of useful things, like pieces of string, in his pockets made me think of using some for the embellishment.
The last time that I used this knot on a card, someone asked how I did it, so this time I took a few pictures along the way to show you how it's done.
The string was a little curly as I'd had a go at some crochet with it and then undid it, it's also a little discoloured where it's been knocking around for ages, but it all adds to the interest doesn't it!
I used 3 strands for each side, but you can vary this according to the effect required.
1. Lay out the first 3 pieces like this
2. Then with a second set of strands, lay them across and under the first set as illustrated.
3. Then working in an anti-clockwise direction, take the piece on the extreme left and lay it over and under then next two pieces thus.
4. The final two weaves are done as in this picture.
5. With this, the knot is finished and just needs to be tightened. Care should be taken to keep all the threads flat and you may just have to sort them out a little before pulling on the ends of the threads to make the flat knot complete.
If you're anything like me, I'd rather look at the pictures than read instructions, so I hope that these help!
When attaching it to the central part of the card, I cut out some little notches in the edges of the panel so that it wrapped around neatly.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh nice Chrissie - I like the image and your thought process about its of string and such, made into a fab card.I'm definitely a visual learner, these photos are a great help - thank you.

  2. a fabulous card Chrissie, and that knot is really impressive. Thank you for sharing.xx

  3. You are the best! That knot is so pretty and adds so much to the card. Love this, Chrissie!

  4. Love that knot...great for nautical themed cards etc...have saved instructions.thanks!

  5. Great tutorial, I don't do instructions and like pictures! Well I've succumbed to those vintage corner dies you use - they are on the way to me now. I think you brainwashed me by putting them on all your cards LOL!
    Perfect boy card and the knot is a great finishing touch.

  6. Hi Chrissie
    this is Fab your many more talents do you have
    sylvie xx

  7. marvellous tutorial and Yes I am also a picture person so it was really easy to follow!

    Thank you!

  8. Wow - fab card - love the gingham. Thanks for the tute, I really must bookmark this and haver a go, it looks wonderful

  9. Brilliant idea to use the string Chrissie! I've saved the tutorial too so I can use it and look clever, lol! (I will link back to you, promise!!) Are you buying your husband a PSP?

  10. Chrissie this is a great masculine card! I love the blue gingham papers and the sailors knot is fantastic with the image!

  11. Lovely card Chrissie. I've wanted to know how to tie string into pretty knots for a long time so thanks for tutorial.


  12. Beautiful card Chrissie and great idea to use the lovely knot - just right, as you say stuff in boys pockets ;-)
    Talking of that just a little tale to make you smile. Someone once said they were walking with their little boy and he kept picking stones up and putting them in his pocket. At some point he'd lagged behind and when they turned round he had so many stones in his pockets they'd caused his trousers to fall down hehehe
    Anne xx

  13. Hi Chrissie, I haven't deserted you, I just can't comment on your blog and a couple of others most of the time. I seem to be doing okay this morning so having another try (fingers crossed).
    I have been looking over the past few weeks and your cards are always superb. I love this little boy and thank you for the knot tutorial :o)
    Jackie xx

  14. Great card - loving the knot - thanks for showing us how. Jeanette

  15. Brilliant card Chrissie that image and the colours are fabulous and thank you so much for the tutorial that knot looks awesome on the card must have a go at this.
    Lorraine x

  16. Great! Which cruise did you learn this on? Or, was it in the GG's? Thanks for the instructions, ikki x

  17. very impressed with your knotting technique and tutorial, however, i was lost after the second lot of string was layed on the first!!! LOL

    I'm a hands on have to try it kind of learner... not sure if that called kinesthetic?

    Were you in the girl guides or in a yatching club to learn these Chrissie???

    Paula x x x


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