Monday, 14 June 2010

Award Time

What a lucky blogger!
Three awards from lovely bloggy friends!
Firstly from Linby, this Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you so much Linby!
I now need to tell you 10 interesting things about me. I don't really know if I'm that interesting, but here goes.
  1. I don't like dessicated coconut.
  2. I don't do dishes, grocery shopping or trash. (the dishwasher, Tescos and the dustbin are my husband's domain)
  3. I used to be our local church choir mistress.
  4. I love a cup of fresh black coffee first thing in the mornings.
  5. I love shoes... I've lost count of the number of pairs that I have.
  6. I've cut my husband's hair for the last 37 years. (What a lot of money I've saved!)
  7. Even though I no longer go out to work, I still employ my house cleaner. (She does it a whole lot better than I could AND she says she enjoys doing it!)
  8. I really enjoy a glass of rose wine.
  9. I love Italian food.
  10. I'm very fond of jewellery. (My husband thinks it's a waste of money)
I now must pass it on to some other friends, so this is for Barbara and Eileen.

The second award is from my lovely pal Victoria.
This is a goodie... I have to tell you 6 fibs and 1 truth about me. I wonder if you can guess which it is ?
  1. I have passed Grade VIII piano.
  2. I have sung in a concert at the Carnegie Hall New York.
  3. I am 5' 10" in my stocking feet.
  4. I can juggle flaming clubs whilst whistling the National Anthem.
  5. My favourite colour is orange.
  6. I once dyed my hair purple.
  7. I once got locked in a public convenience for several hours before being extricated!
Do please tell me which you think is the truth!
I now have to pass this on to 7 other 'Creative Writers'
The last award was a wonderful surprise from Alizabethy who thinks that my card layouts are fab! How great is that!
Thanks so much Alizabethy!
Under the terms of this award, I have to say where I think I'll be, or would like to be in 10 years time.
This is quite a tricky one.
I think I'd like to still be crafting, cruising and generally enjoying the companionship of family and friends.
I'd love to pass this on to June and Katie, both in the good old U S of A.
Quite a long post... I hope you had the stamina to get to the end.
I hope I've done all the links that I was supposed to!


  1. ha ha - please tell me it was number 7? If it wasn't humour me and just pretend it was and tell me all about it!

  2. Well done on the awards :-)
    You're truths are very interestin. I think the one truth in the 2nd one is you've got grade VIII in music - though I almost went for dyeing your hair purple ;-)
    Anne xx

  3. I'm with Anne; I think you've got Grade VIII piano (all infant teachers play the piano don't they?!) xx

  4. Hi Chrissie
    its got to be number 4 it must be.....its got to be
    sylvie xxxx


  6. Well I think number 2 is quite likely as well, although the public loo thing...well...!
    Thank you for the award...the thought is generous; someone else very kindly gave it to me, probably while you were away, so will not bore your rigid with a repeat speech!

  7. Great interesting facts. You are a good "creative writer"! I think the one about getting locked in the loo is the truth.

  8. Thank you so much for passing this award on to me Chrissie, off now to see if I can post it to my blog. Watch this space. Eileen xx

  9. Hi, you have cheered me up no end and I'm hoping juggling with flaming clubs is your truth, then you'll be able to show me how to do it too! Should be fun and a great party piece if I give up crafting. ikki x

  10. LOL at your answers Chrissie...I had to smile at you cutting your husband's hair for the past 37 years...SNAP! Not sure he's saved as much as it cost for mine though! *Ü* I enjoyed reading about you. I believe the fib is where you got locked in the loo! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

  11. Have I lost the plot Chrissie?! *Ü* LOL. I see that you have been in a choir and you said there is 1 truth, so is your truth that you sung in the choir in New York?! *Ü* could be that you were locked in the loo as your truth! PS...I had to go look up extricated!! LOL. ~G~


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