Wednesday, 26 August 2009

365 Cards Catch Up Days 176, 178 & 179

We have had a lovely few days away in Suffolk with our son and daughter-in-law over the weekend. As their house is still being renovated, we decided to stay in a nearby hotel. The walls were being plastered, but things are nearly finished and once decorated I think that the house should look lovely.
Back home again and I'm trying to catch up on some challenges.
For today's challenge on 365 Cards a checkerboard background is required. This card is a thank you from my son and daughter-in-law for one of their very kind neighbours, who has been really generous since they have moved into their house, giving them plants and watering them when they were away on holiday.The challenge for Day 178 of 365 Cards - Back to School - came just at the right moment as a friend at the gym asked me to make a Good Luck card for a little one who is about to start school for the first time! He doesn't know whether to be excited or scared!
This is for the 365 Cards Day 176 Super Sketchy Sunday. I decided to use this sketch for a requested engagement congratulations card for a friend. She is wondering whether I might get a commision for the wedding stationery... we'll see!

I think I've caught up!
If anyone needs to know what things I've used for these cards, just ask, I think the post is long enough already! I don't want to bore you!


  1. All your cards are wonderful. I like how you incorporated a design in your checkerboard. And your all white sketch card is fabulous!

  2. These are just beautiful, Chrissie. I really like your sketch card with the folder embossing. Funny how you miss one or two days and it takes a week to catch up!

  3. Chrissie, glad to have you back. Fabulous job on all the cards. My favorite is the back to school one.

  4. All of your cards are beautiful...but I love love love the checkered one. It is just sweet!

  5. I like all of your wonderful cards, however, the white on white is absolutely stunning! Great job!

  6. Couldn't be boring; lovely cards as really are's a skill!

  7. Great cards Chrissie!
    The wedding card is so elegant!

    Peace and Luv,

  8. such a gorgeous collection of cards.

    Love the checkerboard one the colours are gorgeous and I love the stamped swirls

    Love the wedding stationary! it is just so cute!!

  9. very wonderful cards this week! love the all white of your sketch card and the checkerboard is so fun! I really love the flourish stamps!

  10. Nice card. I particularly like the wedding card, it's so elegant!

  11. Nice cards. I particularly like the wedding card, it's so elegant!

  12. Really great cards, love the checkered one.

  13. Each card is different each one beautiful in its own way. The engagement card is stunning in its simplicity, the checkerboard one is just brilliant and the school card is so much fun.

  14. Well, they are ALL just to wonderful for words, each is amazing!!!!!!

  15. lovely job on your catch up Chrissie!!!! Gorgeous work!


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