Sunday, 4 October 2020


Don't you just love technology!
This morning I discovered that I couldn't send emails from my phone or laptop! Receiving was fine, but not sending! I rebooted, re-set, re-everything I could think of to no avail. 
A main reason for the frustration was the fact that I send pictures from my phone to my laptop via email... usually it's the quickest way of going about it... but not today. Eventually I managed to send it via an icloud email address which I didn't really know that I had, but found it on my phone.  I'm going to have to investigate further, but for the moment my pressing problem has been solved. This is the card I made today, which ironically I was thinking was rather serendipitous, as the embossing folder exactly fitted the piece of card I had cut (not measured) and the die I used to  back it was exactly the right dimensions... there the luck ended.
The embossing folder is from Lifestyle crafts and the sentiment from Clearly Besotted.
I followed the sketch from CASe this Sketch

I'd love to get to the bottom of why I can't send emails from any of the three addresses (Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo) I have on my phone, I have folders full of sent items which actually haven't gone anywhere!
If anyone has any ideas of what can be done to sort out my difficulty, I would be delighted to hear from you!



  1. Love your beautiful much elegance in simplicity! Share your frustration bites us back sometimes. Did you Google your problem? Usually that really helps. As far as getting your pictures to your computer, I use an an call "Simple Transfer". Install on phone, open it. Then on your computer, type in the address the app tells you (something like "") and it connects to your phone & your photos. Check the ones you want & it instantly downloads them to your computer. I just love it! No more emailing...

    1. Thanks for this response, actually I had downloaded Simple Transfer some time ago when trying to send a video to a third party computer, but it turned out to be unsuitable for my purposes at the time, so didn't proceed, but thanks so much for your help, it's truly appreciated.
      The problem apparently stemmed from an update from Apple. My internet was showing up as 'Weak Security', so after an hour on the phone with Virgin Media, the problem seems to be fixed. Their hubs didn't comply with Apple's security parameters in the default setting, so a young lady talked me through what to do to alter it. Finger's crossed!

  2. Very clean, simple and elegant! Wish technology was that simple......presume you tried the switch off, and on again. Probably a glitch that I really Hope resolves itself. I too email myself, so am intrigued with any answers you get, like Marilyns. Fingers crossed xxx


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