Friday, 11 October 2019


Quite a long time ago when I first heard about foiling, I thought that it was definitely the way forward and in my enthusiasm went all out on trying to achieve the perfect result.
I began by driving miles to a craft shop where there was a demo of the Heidi Swapp Minc machine. Enthused I thought that the price was a little high so I got a cheap laminator instead. My first efforts were not the most successful and so I bit the bullet and got the huge Minc machine (the smaller one hadn't get come onto the market). Sadly my results were not hugely improved. I also bought a laser printer so that I could foil from that (supposedly). Well, all in all things did not go as well as expected and the printer was little used, the Minc sat on the windowsill and the cheap laminator was simply used for laminating downloaded  knitting patterns... til now!
Those glas at CAs Mix Up certainly have had me dragging out my stash which was often purchased on a whim or when suddenly fired with enthusiasm. 
So here is foiling revisited.

For this card I used a stamp from Indigo Blu which is a lovely splashy kind of image. I inked it with Versamark and heat set it with clear Embossing Powder, before putting through the laminator with gold foil. I'm not really sure of the make of the foil as it was unwrapped in the drawer with other packs of foil. I used the same process for the sentiment which is from an old wooden stamp from Hobby Art. As it was a splodgy kind of butterfly image I thought that this background EF from Sheena Douglass would complement the image.

Thanks again to the CAS Mix Up team for their fabulous inspiration and for getting me going with another long lost technique! I really hope for more success this time!


  1. Gorgeous foiled butterfly and sentiment Chrissie! I'm not sure if I've tried the embossing powder with the lamintor, but with the amazing results you got, I have to do it! Beautiful design with the texture of your gray dry embossed background. Thanks for sharing with us at CAS Mix Up!

  2. I'm glad you had another go at foiling Chrissie, you have created a perfectly foiled butterfly and sentiment. Thanks for playing at CAS Mix Up this month.

  3. Oh Chrissie this is beautiful!! What a gorgeous butterfly stamp and so eye-catching against that grey embossed BG... Many thanks for sharing at CAS Mix Up.

  4. It looks like you found success, Chrissie! What a beautiful butterfly and the block letters of the sentiment and splodgy embossed background show it off beautifully! I'm glad you were inspired to bring out that laminator. Thanks so much for sharing with us at CAS Mix Up!

  5. This has worked beautifully using that fabulous butterfly Chrissie and a great sentiment too. I hope you don't mind me asking but I am assuming that the clear embossing works as a glue to hold the foil when you run it through the laminator, and do you put something over the top of the foil and card when you run it through to stop it from slipping and sticking to the laminator rollers. If you don't mind giving me more information I would be most grateful for your help as this does sound like a method that would work for me too. x

    1. Hi Pat,
      You can use any embossing powder and you are right in that the heat of the laminator melts the EP again and makes it tacky, which is what the foil adheres to. I put the card with the foil over between either a folded piece of copy paper or the plastic folder which came with my Minc machine. I have seen videos of the card and foil being pout through the laminator uncovered but having got into a pickle trying to laminate some embossing powder between a cut down embossing pouch, I haven't tried the uncovered method!This was a new technique for me but I was pleased with the result.

  6. Thank you Chrissie, I will certainly try this with my laminator to see if it works for me. x


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