Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Bit of a pickle

I love seeing new ideas for card making and one superb source of inspiration is Jennifer McGuire. The other day I watched one of her videos where she used her laminator to make different backgrounds. She put little tiny bits of die cuts, embossing powder and all sorts of things through her laminating machine and some of the effects were awesome. 
I thought I would have a go!
I have been doing some knitting for my granddaughter and wanted to laminate the pattern anyway, so out came the laminator. Only half of one laminating pocket was required for the pattern and so I cut off the other piece to use with some embossing powder. BIG mistake! I think I should have not been so mean and used a new pocket as this half sheet jammed up the machine and was not visible from  either side. I think the machine must need the fold of the pocket to take it through the feed. 
I looked online to see what might be done to rectify the problem and I read that someone had taken their laminator apart in a similar instance (although probably not with embossing powder). I tried it and eventually managed to sort it out, but it was a real pickle!
However all's well that ends well and here I have managed to make a card with a laminated, twinkly embossing powder backdrop for the die cut corner.

In order to make the dragonfly tie in with this backdrop I decided to make a black base and then cut the filigree layer from white card,  to which I had added some double sided adhesive sheet on the front. Once cut, I peeled off this layer and then sprinkled on some Gold Glamour Dust.
I was quite pleased with the end result (after all the drama).
CASology Dragonfly


  1. That sounds like the kind of pickle i would get into - however you did a great rescue job and made a stunning card

  2. Don't feel bad Chrissie - I did the same thing - only I couldn't get my laminator apart so into the bin it went! Anyway - lovely card with the sparkly dragonfly and background!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love your creativity.

  4. You always make the most beautiful and unique cards! Love this!

  5. So beautiful!! Worth the troubles♥

  6. I love the sparkle on the dragonfly... Thanks for playing along with us at CASology!

  7. Oh WOW!!! GORGEOUS card!!! Love everything!! :o) Thank you so much for joining us in CASology challenge this fortnight. I hope to see you again. :o)
    Milka DT


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