Thursday, 20 May 2010

Stampin' Up Word Window Punch Tutorial

For this card, which is made from Stampin' Up elements, I decided that the word window punch was too long for the tiny sentiment from the Vintage Labels set.

So I set about shortening it.
Because of the shape of the cutting component within the punch, it cuts the ends of the window before the middle section. It's therefore possible to position the window to one side of the sentiment and squeeze gently without cutting through the piece of card entirely.Here you can see that the card has only been punched at either end of the aperture.Now you can re-insert the card into the punch and move the sentiment along a little to centralise it, and aligning the previous cut, simply punch completely through the card. (Actually I don't take the card out, I did that just to show you what it looks like, but I simply move it along a little.)
As you can see from the card at the top, the tiny sentiment looks cute on its tiny mount!
I may try to do a video of this, but don't hold your breath!


  1. very clever indeed - thanks for sharing, I'd been punching mine out completely and then punching the other side!!

  2. Oh you're too clever! Great idea, so much neater than my hand cut rounded ends which are pants, frankly!

  3. Duh! How did I miss this Chrissie?! *Ü* Thanks so much. It's a great help. BTW....did I mention that my eldest daughter lives in Eastleigh? ~Glen~

  4. aaah - got it now, thanks for the tutorial you are a star. keep uhming and ahing about buying this punch too.

  5. Thanks Chrissie - I understand now I've seen the pics!!! Great idea! Juliexx

  6. what a clever tip for those who have this punch - something that I have thought about getting... If I do - I'll know what to do for smaller sentiments.

    Thanks for sharing your tip

    Paula x x x

    love the card too and the simplicity of the image.

  7. Thank you Chrissie for the tutorial with the punch - I have ordered it from SU and it is waiting for me in England! I will have a go at your technique!


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