Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Check and DOUBLE check!

It always pays to check things thoroughly!
The bride came to collect the remainder of her wedding stationery and was thrilled with what she saw.
I asked her to check everything carefully before she took the stuff away as I had noticed, only a short while before she arrived, that I had given one person the wrong first name! (David instead of Daniel), so I sorted that out sharpish.
However, when she was checking through, she spotted that there was a couple whose surname was mis-spelt. My husband had proof read through all that I had printed and found everything to be correct. So I went back to the sheet she had given me for the table plan and discovered that as she had photocopied it, the last letter from a couple of the names had been missed off the edge of the sheet by the photocopier. I probably should have checked it against an earlier list she had given me, but I was taking the latest info as definitive!
It was rapidly changed, and so all's well that ends well!
I hope they have a lovely day!


  1. Have a bride coming to collect her invites today too. I always get nervous at this stage! Love the settings.

  2. How annoying for your Chrissie, but, as you say, all's well now.
    It's looks stunning!
    Clare x

  3. well done for getting it all sorted Chrissie, always difficult when you've done all the work and stuck everything down!

  4. I think the table plan is the most nerve wracking bit of wedding stationery. I made my daughters table plan and just hours before the day a guest had fallen and broken her leg, not only could she not attend but her husband and daughter couldn't either so we had to re-organise all the tables! Nightmare!! Still, as you say, alls well that ends well!



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