Wednesday, 24 February 2010


To begin with, I was thinking about Julia's expression of 'Push Back' from last week's post, I think actually, after doing it all week, that my method is more 'Push Aside' or 'Push Off'. Certainly a lot of stuff ends up on the floor!
If you look closely at this lot you will probably be able to work out what I was using to make the card that I am going to post on my blog when I have finished this diatribe.
Yesterday I was looking at You tube videos and getting inspired, however there's always one small thing that is usually of utmost importance, that I either omit all together or forget to do.
The upcoming one is no exception to this.
Back to today, and I am now sitting on a new craft chair, having exchanged the one I was sitting on yesterday because the material (I thought it was leather) had ripped around some stitching on one of the arms. Staples made no quibble!
You can just peek into my top left hand drawer which is where I keep all my sticky stuff... of which there is a variety.
I struggled to make a hole through several layers with my paper punch, and so had to resort to my Making Memories whatsit. (I don't possess a Cropadile or the like.) Even that took quite a few zaps before I got through all the layers.
You're probably going to have a look at my next post to see what I was up to! I was actually quite pleased with the outcome.
Just to refer back to last week for a moment, I had the book of prints of my unmounted stamps, (some folks thought I was being really organised,) but it actually began because I bought a job lot of about 100 sentiment stamps and I couldn't read what half of them said, so I had to take a print to find out. Afterwards, I thought it a good idea to put the prints into a book for reference! The stamps are in these little drawers.
Julia will have links to lots of other workdesks on her blog, so click on the WOYWW button on my sidebar and head over there, it's such fun!


  1. You are so prolific Chrissie, you may push back but it strikes me as pretty organised! Oh yeah, punching through sticky layers..amazing how resistant a cheap double sided tape can be! I have a Cropadile - I hate it - the hand span is too great for my fat teeny hands, but I use it almost every day. And I have to de'gunk it al ot, it gets very sticky....holes for me are always amongst the last jobs! Will be back later to see what you were up to!

  2. Really looking forward to your next creation Chrissie. Your craft space always inspires me.
    A x

  3. Hi Chrissie, this all look very organized! Impressed with all those boxes and wonderous of what's lurking behind those closed drawers! Oh for a rumage!!
    I have a Cropadile and like Julia find it difficult to hold - but it's good for putting more holes in belts that have somehow shrunk?!?!? ikki

  4. Good job I can't photo my space this time, you'd not be impressed with the mess. Looking forward to seeing your creation. Happy Wednesday.

  5. Great stamp storage. I too have a hard time with the Cropodile and my tiny, child-like hands! Will pop back to see what you've been making.


  6. I spy SU stamps?!
    I have a crop a dile it is fab. Its come in handy for many things not just crafting. Love the hanging angel she is very sweet.
    I too have started a folder of printed out stamps to reference. I thought it would be easier than trying to remember what I have!! Trouble being I have rather expanded my stamp collection but not the reference book!!

  7. Hi Chrissie, with that many text stamps I can well understand you having to sort them out. I got a grab bag of about 6 I think so I can remember what they say, but I did put a little arrow on the back to show which was right way up :) I have the Crop-a-dile too, but also a Japanese screw punch which is great. I've been searching online for you but they are quite expensive, though I got one as part of a kit which made it really good value - can't remember whether it was QVC or Ideal World. Here's one to show what they're like They can punch through several layers of paper/card and even chipboard. The beauty of these is that you can punch anywhere on card/paper :)
    Anne xx

  8. You look to be very organised, Chrissie, and like many crafters on WOYWW, you have a tiny workspace surrounded by lots of stash! Those boxes for your stamps look very neat. As for the reference book for all your stamps, that sounds like a project I should really start on as I cannot remember what stamps are in my collection ;)

  9. Oh Chrissie ... you have mastered the art of a tidy push back ... I am impressed ... you should do a you tube video on that ... a much under rated skill me thinks X

  10. I hope you are nice and comfortable in your new chair. I love to watch You Tube craft videos as well, I always get such great ideas from them - and then promptly forget them.
    Your stamp book is a great idea.
    Clare x

  11. Very nice area. Looks good.

  12. oho I love all your little will creatures in it made me blow it up (the photo not the box) to see whatkind of creatures!? Lovely! And so many copic pens..and a chart. I have a chart, but mind's usually folded in one corner so I can grab it if I'm going any way near a nice shop that sells said pens. I can never remember which ones I have!

  13. I love your stamp storage and I love all the bits of info that you have hanging up to like the envelope sizes and copics colours, very good idea! I look forward to seeing what you create next. Have a great week. Tracey x

  14. Excuse me for swearing but Bloody Hell, you've got some stamps there Chrissie!!! I love coming to your space where you create your gorgeous cards.

    Paula x x x

  15. Crissie i think we may be alike, striving for the organised but it not always working when it comes to the workdesk lol... gotta love the ickle draws though.. poundland is a god send.
    hugs minxy

  16. Hello Chrissie great desk this week
    Oh you've given me an idea for storage with your under shelp hanging basket thingys I must get some , any idea where I can buy them
    See you next Wednesday
    Hugs Susie xx

  17. Oh Chrissie you are so organised it puts me to shame. Hugs Pam

  18. Hi Chrissie - you are very tidy and organised, I could learn a thing or two from you!!!


  19. Hi Chrissie,

    While I am definitely a Push Back kind of gal, my cats are definitely Push Off kind of boys, so there is balance in the force - when things get too cluttered on my workspace, they tell me so - or the piles of stuff they create for me on the floor do! (Is that what is meant by the adage, actions speak louder than words?)

    Looking forward to seeing the project that is in the works - in the meantime, enjoying those organized-looking-to us stacks!

    Ramona :-)

  20. I can't imagine anything ending up on the floor - your creations are always so wonderful.

  21. I am so jealous of your handwriting on those drawers. You see I come to your desk and I don't see mess. I see lovely handwriting :P

  22. I see you've got plenty of spare drawers for future purchases there!! I also spotted a few Stampin Up products ... how I love noseying around other desks!!


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