Friday, 12 February 2010

So you think you can dance - Lizzie Gough

I hope that all you dance fans out there will be watching 'So you think you can dance' tomorrow night. There's a rather special person in the final, whom I knew a long time ago!
Lizzie Gough, a hot favourite for the title was in my class for a couple of years when she was in Infant School.
Can you spot her in this class photo from 1991?
She is on the front row, extreme left!
Go Lizzie!
Do pick up the phone and vote for her... she is REALLY good!


  1. I watch it and she is really brilliant but I wont vote cos if I do it's like the kiss of death for any of them :-) Everytime I vote they go out next round. I wish her all the very best.
    A x

  2. PMSL - I've just been studying the photo trying to work out which one was you. Ahem *blushes* of course - you're the teacher!!!

  3. Wow - I love this programme, and you're right she is brilliant! Like Robbie too though! What a small world!

  4. Hi Chrissie i've not watched it at all guess i will have to take a look now lol, you asked what thread i used its just plain old string that i got out of the pound shop. luv gina xx

  5. I've been watching this Chrissie, and Lizzy has been my favourite girl all the way through.
    My favourite boys were Robbie and Tommy, but poor Robbie has dislocated his shoulder and won't be dancing now, such a shame after all his hard work!


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