Wednesday 27 May 2020


Sometimes I try new techniques or products and discover that my efforts look dreadful! However, I don't always just bin the results, I feel that somehow they may come in useful. Once upon a time I think I tried to do the technique where you dip a piece of string into some acrylic paint, drop it onto a piece of card, cover with another piece of card, then drag it out between the two! Well the result looked evil, but I kept the card nevertheless.
Here is that piece of card which I decided to cut the pine branches from!
The corner which is missing, was the part of the card from which I cut the sentiment... I wanted it to match the white of the berries. You can see that the overall effect of the acrylics is awful, but I think that the branches look really good!
It's my DT card for  Christmas Craft Creations where the theme is to use a die cut!
I have been fascinated by die cutting from the first time I saw it demonstrated many years ago and my shelf is groaning with the weight of my supplies... I think all the magnetic sheets have a lot to do with that however!
Do join in the fun and get all the pressure of making last minute Christmas cards off your shoulders!
Stay Safe everyone!


  1. It's surprising how many terrible mistakes can be brought back to life in another guise. I have a box full of offcuts that look awful but I know they'll come in handy one day (maybe).
    Your branches look fab Chrissie.
    Lynne x

  2. Beautiful CAS card. Love the use of die in your card.very unique indeed.

  3. This is such a pretty design! Great use of die cutting.


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