Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nestabilities Tip

Have you ever wanted to cut out a sentiment or image but didn't have a die of quite the right dimensions?
Well, I alter die-cuts from time to time and this card was a case in point. The word 'friendship' was too long and thin for any of my dies, so this is how I made a die cut to fit.
  • I printed the sentiment onto a piece of card
  • Then I placed a Nestie rectangle over the word so that the top border was the size I wanted. I put a piece of scrap card under the part of the die which extended beyond the bottom of the sentiment card, to prevent it from digging into the cutting plate.
  • I then moved the piece I had already cut out further up in the die so that the lower border matched the one at the top. Once more I did the cutting over scrap card to prevent the die embedding itself in the cutting plate.
  • Here is the finished die cut, which looks as though it has been cut in one operation.
  • Should you have no die suitable for your image or sentiment, you can always cut it out with your trimmer and then using a Nestie and an embossing tool, simply use it as a stencil and emboss the edges a little at a time, moving the card around to fit into each corner in turn.
I hope this might be of interest to some of you!
These images are from a Stampin' Up Set and the sentiment from a Hero Arts boxed set.
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  1. great idea...we all tend to use things as they are and not "think out of the box".

  2. Thanks for that chrissie this is a tip I know I will use.


  3. Brilliant tip - thank you. Susie x

  4. So simple when you know how, thanks for sharing Chrissie. Hugs x

  5. Thats a great idea, I don't tend to use the embossing feature on my nesties - not intentionally anyway - but I might just try that!

  6. What a great idea, thanks for sharing Chrissie!


  7. Beautiful card, thank you for the nestie tip :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. I would never have thought of that Chrissie so I am so pleased you shared that with us. I'm one of those who 'use as is' types - I must give what brain cells I have left a good shake xox

  9. Great tip - GORGEOUS card! A perfect two-fer! :) Thanks so much for sharing with us at StampInsanity!!

  10. Gorgeous card and really FAB tip, thank you!

    Sarah x

  11. great tip, thank you!! x

  12. Clever tip and great step by step pictures. I love all of your sentiments that have this kind of writing. They're really elegant.

    Paula x x x


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