Saturday, 18 September 2010

DL Stepper card Tutorial

These instructions are to make a Stepper card from a DL card base. ie 20cms x 10cms

  • Firstly decide how large a section you would like for the tall section of the card I usually like to have about a third of the total width, so 6 or 7cms is fine. On the inside of the card, draw a pencil line from top to bottom,  drawing across the fold, 6 or 7 cms from the edge of the card.
  • Next, placing the card with the pencil line horizontally nearest to you, score down from the top edge of the card to the pencil line at 2cms., 4cms., 7cms., 10cms., and 15cms. from the left or right hand edge, it doesn't matter which. It depends which side you want your tall section.
  • Using a trimmer or a craft knife and steel edged ruler, cut down the pencil line between the first and the last scoremarks.
  • Lastly, making mountain and valley folds, crease along the score lines to form the steps.
You don't necessarily  need a score board, you can score with a ruler and embossing tool or a Woodware Scorer, or however you do your scoring.
The base card is then ready for decoration in whatever style you fancy.
I hope this was a help.
For folks west of the Pond here are some imperial measurements for making this card in approximately the same dimensions.
Card stock 8ins x 8ins folded in half.
Scoring  at 3/4in: 1 and 1/2 ins: 2 and 3/4ins : 4 ins:  and 6 ins:


  1. Hi Chrissie
    great tutorial...fab hope you are ok

  2. Thanks for the tutorial I just need to convert this to sizes I understand. lol

  3. Oh my, so complicated! Great job !

  4. Hi Chrissie - here via Bleubeard (and Elizabeth) instead of WOYWW, thanks for this easy to follow tutorial - I saw a series of finished ones of these step cards on JoZarts desk one wednesday - and thought oooh must try that ... now I definately will.. check it out on Weds! don't hold back; critique is how I grow........


  5. Thank you for the tutorial Chrissie - I always love it when crafters share how they do different techniques, it's so inspiring!

  6. Great tutorial Chrissie! I might have to give it a try sometime.
    You might want to come check out my blog. ;)
    True :D

  7. Thanks for this Chrissie. Although i'm a metric girl, I usually do a mix in my card making - especially as I have a Martha Steward score board which is scored at each 1/8 of an inch, and have the Tim Holtz ideology ruler too. However, do everything else in cm's. Thanks for the tutorial - I really fancy a go at this now.

    Paula x x x

  8. Great tutorial Chrissie I am so glad you have used both measurements as well thank you for this it will come in so useful.
    Lorraine x


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