Saturday, 1 June 2013

What colour is your front door?

Last week was quite eventful!
I was on tour in Italy with my choir...Portsmouth Choral Union...or at least part of it. A large proportion of the singers never made it, as their flight from Heathrow was cancelled due to the closing of the runway, following the emergency landing of a plane which was on fire.
Some intrepid members managed to get there via other means, but our numbers were much depleted. We did however have a quorum of singers and the concerts were in fact very successful in both San Gimignano and Florence. The weather left a lot to be desired however and was cold and wet for most of the time!
Here I am, yesterday morning in the Boboli Gardens, Florence...wearing a fleece, a jacket, long trousers and scarf!!!!! My poncho and umbrella were also much used throughout the week. Apparently it was much warmer in England.

At "Less is More" this week, for our challenge we have chosen the Colour of Your Front Door.
This leaves me in somewhat of a quandary as each side of my front door is a different colour... the outside is brown and the inside is white... so to treat each side fairly I have done one for each colour and one with both.
Needless to say, this is to represent the inside of my door. These are Clearly Besotted butterflies. They stamp beautifully and the matching dies are simply fab!

Paper Smooches here, what a dear little owl and this is the colour of my front door... the touch of green is for a plant which sits in a pot just beside the door!

Here you can see both the outside and the inside of my front door.

This last one has both colours... plus the gold of the door furniture.
The stamping is from Stampin' Up and the die cutting is Small Circle Burst from Memory Box.
This should be a fun challenge I think... I'd love to see everyone's front door!


  1. Ah Italy! Lovely! Thanks for sharing Chrissie!
    Love your challenge this week... with beautiful inspiration as always!

  2. It certainly was an eventful week!
    Great cards Chrissie xx Jan

  3. Another fun challenge theme! Great cards Chrissie - hope you catch some sun across this weekend to make up for the chilly weather in Italy, Jo x

  4. BTW, my Dad sings with the Birmingham Choral Union, Jo x

  5. Great cards Chrissie, love that little owl!

  6. I so love your cards Chrissie and was pleased to see that you had used both colours of your door (the inside and out) as mine is the same and I find brown difficult to work with on its own.
    Such a shame that your fellow singers were stuck in the UK, I bet they would rather have been in Italy even if the weather was chillier there.

  7. wow these are gorgeous, I love both the cards, they are a beauty :)

  8. I think we'll be seeing a lot of brown with all the wooden doors in the gallery this week - can't believe you made me photograph ours it's dreadful! Love your little owl :-)

  9. Wonderful card designs and colors.

    Regards diane

  10. Gorgeous cards Chrissie ,, and you have a lovely front door !! :-)
    I was in the UK last weekend and it was fabulous weather ! I was supposed to fly into Heathrow on Friday but changed my flights to Saturday in the planning stages ,, thank goodness I did !!
    It is a pity the weather wasn't very nice for you in Italy, but it looks like you made the best of it and got out there :-),,, good for you :-)

    Lols x x x

  11. Hi Chrissie, Fab cards, your owl is perfect!! Italy is just wonderful, shame you weren't warmer but I'm so pleased you had a good time albeit depleted in numbers. The rest of your choir must have been so disappointed :{ Hugs Gay x

  12. Chrissie, your door is gorgeous, and so are all of your cards! So many rich colors, so beautifully captured in your cards!

  13. I'm so impressed that despite your depleted numbers you all carried on regardless (and I promise I'm not making a reference to those films of the 70s here!) What a brilliant challenge this week! I love the way you interpreted your front door inside and out. The owl is an absolutely cutie but I also like the cards with the touches of gold. Vicky x

  14. wow... what an amazing set of cards, chrissie!! couldn't pick a fav if I tried!

  15. Super cards and love your front door. x

  16. Such a shame about your choir trip, very impressed that you rallied round and soldiered on with less of you there!!! Shame about the weather too.... It certainly doesn't look like typical Italian weather!!
    Great challenge this week and I ove how you've covered both inside and out with two gorgeous cards :0)
    Jenny x

  17. Brilliant challenge this week, love your cards!

    Warm hugs

  18. Sorry for the late comment Chrissie...babysitting duties !Great cards here, love that cute owl esp. Love the photo too, you look soo cold, glad you made it to Italy anyway :)Viv xx


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