Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Yesterday I bought this carousel gizmo from a local craft shop. I had been thinking about one for ages but thought that they would be too large for my small working space. When I saw it I was surprised at  how compact it actually is. The other surprise was that nearly all the little drawers contained little bits and bobs... brads, gems, ribbons etc.
Also on my desk this week is a bunch of craft magazines... mainly Craft Stamper it must be said, but I have cards or projects published in all of them. The really exciting thing is that I have been invited to join the Design Team at Craft Stamper. The disappointment is that my copy for this month hasn't yet arrived, so I can't see my Cut & Create prism box or the card for this month's gallery in print.
I hope I manage to get around to a few more desks this week, but I seem to be running around my own tail at the moment.
I've woken with thick head this morning, I hope it clears soon as we have lots of singing commitments between now and Christmas.
Join in the fun snoop around the world courtesy of Julia, whose WOYWW link is on my sidebar.
Additional info!
I originally saw this on the Personal Impressions website, but they sell only to retailers. They gave me a list of stockists of their products and my local craft store ordered one in for me. It cost £29.99 and measures 30cms across the widest part of the hexagonal shape.


  1. Hi Chrissie...
    Love your carousel thingie and have been looking for one for a while... I've only seen one online and it was £50 ish.... Can you tell me what you paid (sorry to be cheeky), and who makes it?

    Oh and CONGRATS on becoming part of the design team at Craft Stamper!
    Big hugs
    Christine x

  2. Hi Chrissie, congratulations on your appointment to the design team at Craft Stamper - so exciting for you. I've thought about getting a carousel but, like you, decided it would be too large for my desk space ... they do look useful though. Only 17 days to go and we are all chasing around trying to get everything done on time - again ... it's the same every year :)) Happy WOYWW to you, elizabeth x #5

  3. Hi Chrissie,
    Hope your head clears soon so you can enjoy your singing.
    A x

  4. Congratulations on joining the Craft Stamper design team - looking forward to seeing lost more of your work there - love that prism box in the latest issue.
    Ann B

  5. Congrats on joining the DT at Craft Stamper! I have been looking for a lazy susan type storage for my desk top but the one I saw like this was so small and wouldn't hold what I needed it to. I may need to look around some more. Hope you have a great week. Merry Christmas! Vickie aka Okienurse

  6. Congratulations on joining the CS team!

    Where did you get that lovely little carousal? It looks perfect for any crafters desk XOXO Zoe

  7. Well done on your joining the CS team - what an asset you will be. Hope the singing is fun. x Jo

  8. Like the carousel - great buy there! Not only will it be useful, what a result finding all the bits and pieces as well :)
    Congrats on making the design team as well. Enjoy your singing, my brass band is busy too!!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  9. You are so funny Chrissie, tucking your DT triumph away into your post into your post like that! None of us are surprised of course but HUGE congratulations - you must be really thrilled! Hope your head clears and enjoy your new carousel! Vx

  10. Big Congrats on the DT with Craft Stamper! I've never seen that magazine, but not be in the States, but everything I hear about it is fab! Would love to see what you've had published in it!

  11. Great news about the DT Chrissie, coz a gal can't be too busy! Have always admired those carousels, never knew the drawers came filled...that would kinda make up for my breathlessness at the price!

  12. Great carousel! I have been contemplating one of those for a while, as well. Thanks for the peek! #101

  13. Congratulations on your fabulous news - love seeing your work in Craft Stamper and have a note in my diary to go and get my copy tomorrow - yeah.

  14. love craft stamper mag, congrats on joining the team! Must remember to ask my Mum to bring one over at Christmas!
    Happy WOYWW, have a fabulous, creative day, Debxx #104

  15. Where did you get your carousel please? I have been looking for one for ages!!
    Sorry to hear you have a thick head. Hate it when I get one!
    Well done on your promotion - look forward to seeing you in the mag!!

  16. Yay, congrats on being asked to join the DT was only a matter of time ;)
    The carousel tidy looks mighty useful alas I've not the space for an upgrade :)
    Jenny x

  17. I think that carosel is something I need, might help me tidy myself up!
    Love your card, it is very pretty and I agree 'Less is More'
    Wishing you a wonderful crafty week,
    Helen x

  18. Congratulations on such lovely news!
    Love your carousel, been thinking of geting one too.. maybe after Christmas...!
    I've enjoyed my visit today, Thanks for the invite!

  19. Lovely desk! I was thinking of getting one of those carousels once but decided against it as I thought it would be too big, and it was a tad expensive too... They are lovely, though. In the end I got a really cheap (about £3 if I recall) fabric caddy with lots of pockets and a big space in the middle, and by sheer accident, found it exactly fitted my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter which acts as a lazy susan when not in use!! Works fine for me! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #56

  20. Super desk! Very organised x

  21. the carousel thingy looks awesome... I love the boost along I get when I get a new toy and this looks like it will be a great addition...xx


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