Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I haven't managed to join in the fun of having a good old snoop around the workdesks of the world for quite some time, but having had lunch with Julia  and Jan yesterday... I kinda felt guilty that I hadn't visited for a while... so here I am.
I haven't been incredibly productive this week, but have been fiddling around with various techniques to see what worked and what I liked. The sharp-eyed amongst you may spot another bird from my leaf stamp, I added a tail from a SU flourish stamp and drew some legs and a neck...this particular image is not good enough to put on a card, because of the ink splats and poor penmanship, but it was fun... it's an ostrich...what do you think?
The Sansador is still there from a session cleaning the sticky goo from cutting E Z Mount, off my (non-stick) scissors. (It works brilliantly if you've never tried it!)

This picture shows the bookcase that I heaved into my craft room from one of the other bedrooms, it's really handy to have so many things within grabbing distance. In fact most things are within gabbing distance as my crafting space is so small!

This is a snippet from November's edition of Craft Stamper magazine. I was asked if I could do an article for the Designer's Palette section in this edition. Needless to say I was happy to oblige. This is the third consecutive month that I have had at least one of my cards published... in this edition there are three.
I'm not permitted to show you the whole page, or show one of my pictures of my cards, but you can just  see a little of one here and the rest can be seen in the mag.
I also have a card on page 42!
Well, I'll be off to have a wander around the workdesks of the world just now...have a happy Wednesday!
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  1. Good to see you here - is there life outside DT work. Yes indeedily I tell myself! Love your crafty space - full of fab storage and rather organised! Was great to see your funky colours in CS - well done...we're on a roll. and how could I not mention LIM???!!!
    Thanks for the peek!

  2. Super organised and so neat, I'm blushing with shame. Love that ostrich stamp xx

  3. Love your ostrich and your new storage in your room. Look forward to seeing your article in CS. Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet x

  4. What a lovely craft room - so neat and tidy with everything easy to reach. I rather like the ostrich - very sweet! And I'll keep my eye open for the next issue of CS - well done on being published!!

  5. PUBLISHED!! Congrats! Yesterday was lovely, how fun to chat chat chat. Your craft room has filled exponentially, frankly, since I last saw it! Loved having a good look round. You're still very organised though, huh!

  6. LOVE the ostrich. congrats on being published too. Great workspace - so nice to have things within reach.

  7. Your work is always so lovely Chrissie it doesn't surprise me you've been published. Well done you.
    A x

  8. It was lovely to meet up yesterday!! Did we do any chatting, I've forgotten...Lololol! I've been having a think about what to do with my bag of Christmassy goodness, going to get this Friday's craft fair out of the way, then start on the tree decorations, I think. That nordic fabric will look good for that!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  9. I think the ostrich would make a great card - perhaps you should try it to see...!!! You'd be amazed at the different cards that sell for cancer charities which you aren't sure will sell and they ask for more of them! Small crafting space huh...I'd swap my little tray any day for your room!!! Enjoy WOYWW!

  10. Congrats on being published Chrissie.
    I think your Ostrich is brilliant and certainly good enough to use on a card.
    Your craft room is v. well organised and tidy, mine is tidy at moment since having my windows done so I'm thinking it would be an opportune time to get in there and decorate. If I don't enter LIM this weekend you'll know why.

  11. Congrats on the Craft Stamper publication - nice to see you're getting a full page spread this time :-D
    Your craft space is so neat and tidy - like your crafting - I guess the old tidy space tidy mind thing does work and my tip probably explains my much messier cards!!!
    I was looking for a hint to Saturday's theme in case you didn't hide it but I should have known better ;-) .....
    Tara x

  12. Love that bird! Not many can look so stunning with their head in the sand and tail in the air :)

    Lovely stuff.

    Mary Anne

  13. Loved the article in Craft Stamper - great colours - and also love the bird too, thanks for sharing.

  14. I love your crafting space and congratulations on the publication (again!). That ostrich is so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Congrats on being published Chrissie, last month's (this month's?) CS is on my desk to be read, I picked it up in England last week so will look out for your card, can't get next months though more's the pity! Love the ostrich and great to see you popping in again.

    Brenda 67

  16. Woohoo, well done, 3 months on the trot you must be well pleased. I use pure acetone to clean goo off, its only 99p for 100ml at Home Bargains, handy to know about the Sansodor too though.

    Your crafting space is lovely. It is so neat and tidy. Mine too is only small but it needs a good clear out and re-organisation. I'm too busy creating normally to give it much thought and I'd rather create than tidy up.

    I love all your MS punches, the bookcase looks like it has been a fab addition to your room.

    Love Mandy xxx

  17. Hi Chrissie, nice to see you back - your workspace looks very organised and handy. Clever trick with the leaf. Just had my CS delivered and spotted you, congratulations - your cards are fab ... I especially liked the welly boots. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #75

  18. What I wouldn't give to have something to store things on to have them close by - so jealous! Your Ostrich is fabulous and Congratulations on being published!!!

  19. super organised and tidy desk! love your 'leaf' ostrich! congrats on being published, that sneak card looks fabulous!
    have a great day, Debxx

  20. Oh, your craftspace isn't's compact and bijou ;) *lol*
    Love the ostrich - what a great imagination you have to see a leaf stamp and think 'ostrich'.
    Hope your WOYWW was (and is) wonderful!
    aka Sheleen at

  21. Your space is so organised and tidy, especially with that new bookcase. Congratulations on your publication, you must be very proud.

  22. Love your organised work space, grabbing distance works fine for me too:0
    The ostrich looks really cool, love that he's buried his head. Congrats on your Craft stamper article, 3 submissions in a row eh???
    Jenny x

  23. Hi there Chrissie so good to have you here and so love your leaf stamps contrary to your dear self I think he would look super on a male card with a little of your subtle colouring, love it! I use non-stick scissors for tape( have two pairs, are $8 @ Big W) so no gunk cleaning.
    Maybe it was when you do the Ez mount cos it is notoriously sticky and use Eucalyptus oil to clean gunk off the scissors then as use other ones for it. Eucalyptus oil is very popular here in Oz for many purposes - great stain remover too when you have grease etc on clothes - a cleaning oil to remove oils! Happy WOYWW, and thanks for popping over! Shaz in oz.x

  24. Great workspace - oh to have even just a small room to dedicate to crafting - I love your ostrich I think its good enough for a card :)

  25. Love the ostrich, he is adorable and I couldn't see splats, I would be happy if i had received it as a card.

  26. Its my first visit to your blog and I love it! I adore your cards and they are much more to my taste than so many other cards out there. Do you run your cards through the computer printer to get the sentiments? To answer your questions on my photo - I hold my camera above my head and hope for the best! The wonders of digital... ;-) And the rabbit stays there because he is one of those with the shammy leather tummies for cleaning computer screens but they children keep disappearing him off! Many congrats on the publication - rightly deserved from what I've seen so far.

  27. Hi Chrissie, weird thing is, I'm having trouble getting into your blog! I see the post and then when I scroll down it all goes purple!! had to race to get the comment box open, but I know your WOYWW will be brilliant even though I can't see it!!


  28. Just love that ostrich, yet another great use for that leaf stamp!! nice to see your desk is also covered with 'stuff' just like mine! congrats on being published again not surprised by it though :O)

  29. So interesting to have a peek into your crafting space - and proof that small isn't a problem! So impressed about your repeated publishing success. Vx


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