Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stylish Blogger

The lovely Sue has honoured me with this fabby Award. I feel humbled that she finds my blog 'inspirational'... so thank you so much Sue!
In line with the terms of the award I need to tell you a bunch of things about myself and then pass the award to another bunch of inspirational bloggers, so here goes.

  1. Together with my friend Mandi, we have started a new Challenge blog for Clean & Simple cards called "Less is More". The first challenge is on February 5th. (I hope lots of you will join us)
  2. I had my appendix removed in France and a disc from my back removed in the USA.
  3. I like to buy Christmas tree decorations from wherever I go on holiday.
  4. My favourite foreign food is Italian.
  5. I prefer wearing trousers to skirts.
  6. I wear varifocal specs.
  7. My favourite colour is blue.
  8. My shoe size is 7. (41 continental)
To choose friends to pass this on to is a difficult proposition as there are so many who are truly worthy of this award... but here they are.
First and foremost.. Mandi, who has been working so hard getting our new blog up and running. Thanks so much Mandi, you're a star. Now, for my other choices... Deborah, Val, Anne, Anne, Bonnie, Heather, Paula and Lorraine.
Wonderful crafter's all, thank you so much ladies.


  1. Oh, Chrissie, I am so honored! Thank you so much! I can't wait 'til your challenge blog is up! I know it will be as full of inspiration as this blog is! Hugs.

  2. Thanks very much for the award Chrissie, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to your new challenge, not long now. Take care. Hugs x

  3. Aww bless ya, you have made my dream come true...big thank you to you too
    Couldn't have done it without you

    Thank you for the award, Im honoured x
    [will add tomorrow]

  4. Congratulations Chrissie - you deserve this award. Elizabeth x

  5. Hi Chrissie

    Thanks so much for the award - I feel completely honoured - you are one of my inspriations. So this means a lot.

    Deborah xx

    PS Looking forward to the new challenge!!

  6. Hi Chrissie,
    Thank you very much for the award, I really need to think about posting some little known facts about myself.
    I am looking forward to checking out the new blog next month.

  7. Hiya Chrissie

    Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award... I really don't feel worthy of this - especially at the side of your blog.

    I was also awarded this by someone else o==so if you don't mind, i'd like to combine the two - cos I'd NEVER think of 14 interesting facts about myself.

    Thank you again- it is a real honor that you thought of me.

    with love and big hugs

    Paula x x x

  8. Hi Chrissie I thank you with all my heart for passing this award onto me, I am sorry I am late but I have failed with playing catch up. I will go put this on my blog, thank you once again
    Big Hugs
    Lorraine x


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