Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

It's WOYWW again over at Julia's Blog, why don't you pop over there and check out what other desks look like this fine Wednesday!
I've been up since about 5am, madly trying to get Chrissy cards done, particularly those which have to go to foreign parts. I decided on my cheapie 79p Christmas Pud stamp from Hobbycraft, and I love it. I've been making cards by the yard it seems.
If you look closely at this picture you may see something interesting........... I have ALL the Copic Ciao colours and I'm really pleased that I got the extra ones. It makes choosing shades so much easier and I love my Chart which was sent to me by Victoria... colours at a glance.
Sorry about the mess, but at the rate I'm working, maybe you'll forgive me!
I seem to be having lots of senior moments recently, I can't find my card cash box, a necklace I bought in M&S to wear today and the charger for my camera. Talk about frustrating, I hope we didn't leave the charger on the cruise ship!


  1. Yummy looking desk Chrissie, not at all messy IMO....know what you mean aboutthe COpics..I found that the first set was simply not up to the blend-ability rules, so the others are inevitable really. Did you wanna buy me a cruise so I can check for your charger?

  2. Well a girl has to have all the copic colours doesn't she !! lol
    Enjoy your lunch club
    hugs Susie xx

  3. That desk looks fab Chrissie ... LOVE the Christmas pud X

  4. Loce the look of the christmas pud, you desk looks a lot more organised than mine. Hugs

  5. That Christmas pud looks fab and I have copic envy - you lucky lucky girl.
    Desk isn't messy though ;) xx

  6. If you want to save on the cruise giveaway I'll just snag your copics WOW so jealous you have all those pretty colors
    And your desk looks fantastic that little pudding is just popping off it
    hugs Nikki

  7. Oh I'm so jelly-arse it's untrue! I'm 72 copics down on you now!!

    I forgot to take a photo today and my desk is actually spotless - I've been prepping for my workshop on Saturday so need to be organised!


  8. I do like the look of that fat sassy Christmas pudding that's sitting in the middle of your desk!!!

    By the way, I just could NOT get up at 5am for anything - not even chocolate!! I'd rather stay up late than get up early! ;-)

  9. I wish my desk was always this tidy :o)
    Haven't got a current pic of it but you wouldn't want to see it anyway! It's full of cards for writing out. I did manage to get the ones for foreign parts posted yesterday thank goodness :o)
    Jackie xx

  10. That desk all looks very tiday to me. You look to be a very organised crafter :-)
    A x

  11. Tidied mine last night and it's still messy looking, this Christmas card making causes mayhem. Love the Christmas pud. nnalorac x

  12. Oh wow Chrissie, I wish my desk looked the same as yours.
    I’m not envious (much) but all those Copics, it must take you forever to choose what shade you’re going to use!

    I’m loving in the Christmas Pud. Sometimes it’s the cheapest and smallest things that go to make the most beautiful cards.

  13. Your desk always looks so tidy and organised - it makes me embarrassed about the mess I work in!

  14. Chrissie,
    That is not a mess. You want to see a mess you should see my work space. Can't even see the floor.LOL I only have 100 copics. Working on getting more, but it will take me awhile. That is what I have asked hubby for, for Christmas.

  15. OMG!!!! thats flipping tidy!! Shhhesh! you don't wanna see mine now thats a total TIP! te hehhehehee :0)

    Ps extention on my blog candy hunny :0)


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