Tuesday 17 February 2009

Pink Elephant Challenge #2 All that Glitters

I was so thrilled to have won the very first challenge at Pink Elephant and here I am attempting their second.
The theme this week is close to Shakespeare. 'All that glitters'. I was in theMerchant of Venice playing Bassanio, when I was at grammar school.. in fact I won the Drama Prize that year for my portrayal (the only prize I ever won at school, I might add). I seem to remember that the Prince of Morocco uttered the words 'All that glisters is not gold' after he had opened the golden casket, thinking Portia's picture would be in there. He didn't find the picture and he didn't get the girl, and I think he got his chips actually; he found a card portraying death! Enough of this, I hear you say!
I haven't chosen gold, but I did choose silver and pearly things for this challenge, with a couple of twinkly things for good measure... The postman delivered some new Heart Nesties this morning so I had to think of something so that I could use them, and this is it!
We celebrate Mother's Day in March in the UK, not in May as on the other side of the pond, so all you ladies from North America, please don't think I've got my timings way off!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. I have to say this is a bling GREAT CARD for the challenge - just perfect to follow up your success last week. Well done - you rightly deserve the acclaim.

  2. OMG! This is really striking!!! What a gorgeous silver card.. wow wow wow..

  3. SO sophisticated, Chrissie!!! Thanks for joining us again at The Pink Elephant! We love having you! Congratulations on your win!

  4. What a beautiful card!!! I just love that shimmer and shine! Congrats on your win last week!
    Thanks for joining us at TPE again this week. We appreciate it!

  5. Another beautiful card Chrissie - thanks for joining in again this week.

    Ann xxx

  6. This is beautiful Chrissie, elegant as always! I love what you've done with those nestie hearts, they're so nice aren't they? I got some nestie stars too but haven't played with them yet.
    You learn something new every day it seems, I had no idea that Mother's Day is celebrated in May across the pond! xx

  7. So glad you have entered again, and with another fabulous card! Congrats on being chosen last week, well deserved!

    carol x

  8. this is a beautiful card Chrissie, so pretty and elegant.xx

  9. wooooooow!!!!! this is gorgeous!!!
    that idea could be used for soooo many celebrations!!!


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