Saturday, 9 August 2008

Triple Embossing Tutorial ABC Challenge E ~ Embellishment

For ages I couldn't manage to get a decent result with triple embossing, but now I think that I may have cracked it. This is what I do.
1. Cut out the shape of card to be embossed.
2. Stamp all over with clear Versamark ink.
3. Sprinkle embossing powder all over the card and shake off the excess.
4. Heat with a Heat gun until all the powder has melted.
5. Stamp again with Versamark and repeat stages 3&4.
6. I do a total of 4 layers of embossing powder to get a good finish.
7. On the final layer, when the embossing powder has become liquid and is still hot, press a stamp which has been inked with Versamark very firmly into the molten powder and hold for several seconds.

I think that it is also important to choose a stamp which has a definite line and is fairly deeply etched.
These instructions helped me... I hope that they may be of use to you too!

To get a close up, simply click on the image of the card!


  1. This is a gorgeous card and the triple embossing is fantastic. I did some once but the results weren't great as I think I slipped with the stamp a little. Might give it another go though. xx

  2. Gorgeous card - you've definately perfected the triple embossing :-)


  3. Your card is beautiful! I have never tried triple embossing because I never found any instructions as easy as these to follow. Might give it a go now though!

    Have a great weekend!
    Ruth x

  4. beautiful card thanks for joining in the ABC challenge x

  5. Beautiful card. I love triple embossing. I think it is really important to have a really thick card to start off with. I sometimes even use stampbord.
    Love mand xxx

  6. I love your choice of colours, and the detail is really showed up in the larger picture link, it's like holding the card in my hands and looking at it in 3D. It is certainly easier to see where you are coming from. I love the tutorial, and will probably have a go at it too.

  7. Fabulous embossing, I've tried to triple emboss, nope always ends up blobby. May try it again sometime though as yours looks stunning. Gail x

  8. What an elegant card.
    Thanks for the triple embossing instructions. I've never tried this technique before so I'll have to give it a go.
    kerry x

  9. Hi Chrissie, I've had some disasters triple embossing, (not many successes really), so I shall now go away and try this method. Hopefully I will end up with a card I can post. Love your cards & blog by the way. Thanks for the tutorial
    Hugs Heather xxx

  10. Chrissie, this is beautiful. I love the colours and the embossing is amazing.
    Thanks for joining in the ABC challenge this week.
    Cathy xx

  11. Beautiful card Chrissie and fab tutorial, will have to give this a try. Thanks for joining us again and i hope you like your prize from last weeks win. Donna x


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