Saturday 5 November 2016

Taking a break

This is my last post for Less is More for a while!
I am taking a break, as the pressures of travelling between here and Bath and Worthing to look after our grandchildren on a regular basis and an ever increasing vacation schedule, something had to go.
Since I created "Less is More" nearly six years ago, I have made cards for all of the 300 weeks that it has been existence and am really proud of its format and the support it has received over the years. As challenge blogs go, it  is quite long lived and I know that with Sarah in the driving seat it will continue to flourish.
I want to thank everyone for their support over the years and hope to pop back in now and again with a card whenever I can!

This one is for the present colour challenge of Purple and Gold.
I had to have a play with my new MFT High Rise number  dies and paired them with a sentiment from Cutplorations.
I enjoyed the jigsaw element of fitting the numbers together!
Ever since I saw the technique of smooshing, I really loved the effect and here is a card showcasing the technique, used behind a Sizzix die cut borrowed from my friend Anne, but hopefully a set of my own should be winging its way to me at this moment.
The butterflies are also from Sizzix,.. I borrowed some of these from my friend Val at the HLS retreat, but these are from my own dies purchased since then.
The Celebrate is from Penny Black.
Over recent weeks we have had problems with our internet service from Virgin. Apparently the number of users in our area is greater than the capacity of the system. Ergo our phones, iPads, laptops and computers simply drop the internet from time to time, often at inopportune moments. I have been very frustrated by spending time commenting on LIM entries only to have what looks like a page with the corner turned down and a sad face on it, saying that the site is down or something similar!!! The comments weren't even saved and so had to be totally rewritten.. Grrrrrrrr!
It is not due to be totally resolved until the New Year... which is not a prospect that I relish. 


  1. So sad to read that we are going to see less of you and not more! But totally understand and want to thank you for your inspiration over the years. LIM made me want to learn about and make CAS cards and you played a huge role in my appreciation of this style!
    Your cards are amazing as always. Enjoy every moment of your grandchildren and safe travels on your holidays!

  2. Sorry to hear you're leaving (albeit not permanently I hope!). Your wonderful cards are always an inspiration. Wishing you much fun & new experiences on your travels and with your grandchildren xx

  3. Chrissie you've done wonders with the purple and gold here! Loving your jigsaw numbers and a superb design there for a special birthday! May have to CASE that one! The smooshy, die-overlaid, butterfly adorned card is so perfect too and shouts your awesome CAS style. We'll miss you terrible at LIM but great to know you'll be popping in as and when time allows. Enjoy all the time with your grandchildren, hobbies and holidays and thanks for everything - you're a STAR! Hugs Sarah xx

  4. Aw Chrissie, you will be missed but how wonderful to be stepping back due to wonderful things such as the little ones and lovely vacations! Two fabulous cards from you again today - gosh I do love the numbers one and imagine it was great fun to play with!

    Take care, I'll still be following you and hope sometimes we can have another meet up - ha, in between all the other things you'll be doing of course!


    Di xx

  5. I'm so sad that you're stepping back, but as Di says at least it's for wonderful family stuff that will create the most amazing memories <3 And I hope we still see lots of you when you have some time here and there. Thanks for everything Chrissie x
    So onto your cards... as always, the most gorgeous classy designs and crisp layouts. The first one is just full of impact and I don't know how you managed to make the numbers fit together so well! And your ink smooshed background behind those stunning butterflies looks amazing, elegant perfection! Have a lovely weekend x

  6. I clearly remember the arrival of this challenge - so different. It won't be quite the same without you, but it will be wonderful to spend time with the grandies without having to worry about getting a card(s) made. Enjoy your time with the family and with travelling.

    I think both these cards are so elegant! I really like the numbers on the first one - such a good idea!

    Take care, Deborah xx

  7. Super-classy and ultra-elegant designs again Chrissie. I'm in love with the high rise numbers and that must have been so much fun putting it together. There are so many possibilities with those dies! the glint of gold is superb on that card. Smashing smooshing on the second card with the drop-dead gorgeous die cut. Sorry to hear you've had so much issue with your internet - how annoying. Even sorrier that you need to take a little 'holiday' from LIM. You will be sorely missed but at least you will be back to WOW us now and again. Enjoy the time with your grandkiddies and on those exotic holibobs. xx

  8. Gorgeous cards, Chrissie - I knew that you would do this colour combo justice! I love that die cut corner on the second card with the smooshing behind. I echo the sentiments of others already that I am sorry to see you stepping back - you have been an inspiration and I certainly have looked forward to my Saturday morning visits to LIM for my next fix of CAS cardmaking over the years :) I hope you have a fab time with the grandkids and holidaying....doesn't sound bad to me!

  9. Fab cards Chrissie and what could be better than being up to your eyes in grandchildren and exotic holidays! Enjoy xxx

  10. Happy for you that you have such a strong connection with your family even at a distance, sad for those of us who have loved your challenge. I know how much work you have put into it and equally understand that there comes a time when you have to hand the reins on to someone else. Your presence at LIM will be much missed. That said now is the time to let loose and enjoy yourself! As for virgin/cable I've tried it twice and both times returned to Sky and a landline, fingers crossed we just do not get the same issues. Take care lovely lady give my love to Southampton and HAVE FUN. XOXO

  11. FABULOUS cards today and such gorgeous colours too .. but then, you would KNOW I would say that!

    Totally understand your reasoning behind the scaling back of your LIM commitments but know that you will be missed. Hope you will find time to stop by occasionally though.

    All the best


  12. Your numbers card is just so cool and the smooshing is awesome behind the fabulous die cut on your second card - two wonderful cards! You will be missed but its fab you will be back to visit now and then! It sounds like you are sooooo busy! Enjoy your grandchildren, it's lovely you can look after them! Sorry about your internet frustrations! Take care! xxx

  13. I'm so sorry to hear that life has gotten in the way of crafting, Chrissie, but time with grandchildren is precious. I love your numbers card and it would be perfect for the CAS(E) This Sketch challenge this week. Smooshing is one of my favorite 'new' techniques and it's lovely under that die cut.

  14. Beautiful cards as always, Chrissie. I hope you enjoy your break from your crafting commitments. We'll all be here to welcome you back with open arms when you feel ready. Hugs, Jo x

  15. Beautiful cards Chrissie - I hope we'll still be seeing you around in Blogland. Maybe less than before - but as you well know, LESS IS MORE! Enjoy the time with your grandchildren and all those lovely holidays

  16. Less is more as a challenge has been amazing for opened up a whole new world of blogs and inspiration, thank you....I know your partners in crime will continue to make LiM what it has become and still has in it. You must be very proud.... Enjoy your grandma duties and any travels you have lined up, there's a whole lot of wonderful out there....Sue x

  17. Sometimes life requires us to make choices, and it's not always easy, but I'm sure you made the right choice. When it comes to family, do not hesitate! And even if it is less often, we will always have the pleasure of discovering your card occasionally. Thank you for this wonderful blog LIM challenges, week after week I enjoyed discover your wonderful cards and those of your team. There is no doubt, the CAS style is my favorite (although I digress occasionally!) and I learned a lot thanks to you all! Enjoy all the moments with your family and on holidays ! Thanks for all you brought us ! Hugs !
    Izzy Scrap

  18. Great cards.
    Thanks for the fabulous inspiration Chrissie. You will be sadly missed. Hope to see you soon. xx Jan

  19. Your decision to take a break is totally understandable Chrissie - we will all miss you but I must also thank you for helping me so much with my joy of card making as I stretch my very limited talents to learn new techniques and design ideas. You have been an inspiration! I wish you every happiness but look forward to the times when you can return to share your ideas with us:)

  20. Chrissie, what can i say... inspirational to all of the last 6 years of my blogging and glad you gave me the hane all those years ago over at LIM... I'm also glad to be back..

    Stunning cards !!

    Love ya

    Jen xxxx

  21. I will miss your inspiration and allways so welcome and positive comments! Thanks for creating LIM (got me inyto CAS and challenges...)!
    But what great reasons to step a little down!
    Hope you enjoy the time you gain and make wonderfull memories!
    Enjoy all (even little) moments!

  22. What a terrific card! I will miss your weekly inspiration, but am happy you won't be too far away!

  23. Two wonderful cards as always. The second one features a die I am trying to resist! Thanks for all the inspiration over the years and enjoy your time away.

  24. Adding internet woes to your driving around the country for the kids and your traveling for pleasure and that would be the straw to break any camel's back, Chrissie! You know I love you and am forever grateful for all your patience and assistance in my beginning weeks of blogging and entering challenges ~ and ever since! LIM played a huge positive role in how much I love challenges today! Your team will make you proud, I'm sure, but you, my dear, will be sorely missed by us all!! I wish you good health and happiness and look forward to keeping in touch with you privately!! Mwah!! Hugs and best wishes to you and Phil, Darnell (Oh, and I LOVE your cards, lol!)

  25. Hi Chrissie,
    Before the announcement of the fact that you were taking a break, I decided that it was time I deleted some of my old blog post as my computer seemed to be slowing down and not 2 years old yet, so having a good sort out with photo's, pictures and blog posts.
    I was very shocked to see the challenges that I had entered going back then, the LIM challenge and PBSC and occasionally what was Stamping Sensations.
    I entered your challenge every week and loved it, never got anywhere but that was not the point, it was different and you and Mandy were fabulous.
    I remember the nasty comment at the beginning and I also remember missing the first challenge which was black/white and one other colour, well my favourite colour choice then was black/white and hot pink.
    It did bring a totally different outlook, not only to, me but to lots of card makers that the card did not need to be over-flowing with embellishments to be a great card.
    I congratulate you on carrying on for so long and the fact that you have a team that will carry on the lovely work that you and Mandy started.
    The thing I find really strange is that when all this started I was still working but since I have been retired I do not seem to have the same time as I had but maybe that is an age thing, lol.
    I have been a very poor Limette for the past few years and Grandson's and holidays have also been in the way for me, off for 2 weeks on Saturday for a cruise to the Caribbean.

    Just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the time and effort you have put into this wonderful challenge and so very sorry that I have not been supportive of late.

    Best wishes

    Kath x

  26. Well I wouldn't be me if I wasn't late again would I, Chrissie! lol
    What fabulous cards for this colour combo, I now feel a bit more die shopping for me may be in order. I love the graphic feel of your first card and the beautiful smooshing of the second, with the crisp butterflies.
    You deserve a break but we will miss you terribly. You must be so proud of your achievement with Less is More, and I distinctly remember my first card I submitted for this challenge! So, to now be part of this wonderful team is an honour. Looking forward to you popping back now and then but you totally deserve those holidays and your grandkiddies xx

  27. Sorry Chrissie, I am late commenting too!Super cards as always,such inspiration from you always. Oh you will be soo misssed as you probably know by now.I am pleased that you will be enjoying yourself though,happy travelling, singing and babysitting and all the other things you do too ;) hugs Viv xx


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