Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The red bag

I have just returned from three wonderful weeks in California and Nevada. 
Many years ago we lived in Alexandria Virginia for a period of three years,  during which time my husband visited the west coast of the US many times. I stayed in Va with our baby (now aged 40)! Since that time Phil has been promising to take me to San Francisco and its environs and this year we did it!
We began in San Francisco which I loved and the highlight for me was trip to Alcatraz. From there went on to Sonoma with numerous opportunities for wine tasting, followed by a stay in Sutter Creek visiting the deepest gold mine site in the US and from there on to Tahoe for a week. After a brief stay in Jamestown, one highlight of our vacation was to visit my friend Darnell in Livermore!
It was lovely to see her again and to meet her lovely husband, the Mister, Kevin!
Phil, Darnell, Me, Kevin
You may be wondering why there is a pic of a red bag at the top of this post... well, when Darnell visited the UK she acquired a few extra items to take home with her and so she purchased the red bag to accommodate these additional items. On my travels, I acquired a few extra items too and was in need of some additional carrying space, so Darnell passed on the red bag to me. 
It seemed rather loath to leave the US, as upon presenting ourselves at the check in on our homeward journey, we discovered that the flight was full and although we had booked business class seats about a year ago, there was nothing available for us on the flight....apart from the possibility of flying economy! The alternative was to fly to Las Vegas or San Diego and from thence in First Class to London! The prospect of first class v economy was a no brainer as far as I was concerned and so the red bag had a little longer in the US by an additional trip to San Diego.
On arrival at Heathrow, we thought it had decided to stay in the US altogether as we were waiting by the carousel for its appearance and were thinking that we would have to report it missing when finally out it popped together with our other baggage! Quelle relief!
SO until Darnell returns to the UK, any bloggers who are are visiting our shores and are in need of additional carrying space for the journey home... there's a red bag here!


  1. So funny about the 'Red Bag' Chrissie! I followed you on FB on your travels and am so glad you had such a marvellous time - as well as meeting up with Darnell and the Mister!


    Di xx

  2. Lovely post. Looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful trip. Am loving the red bag and its journies...

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Chrissie and how nice to be able to meet up with Darnell again!

  4. Very good, Chrissie! That was a lovely write-up and the bag looks very royal and ready for its next adventure! It was so lovely to meet you and Phil and be able to spend some good times with you! Cheers from afar until we meet again!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. I am so glad you had such a fabulous trip and came back with the 'red bag' of goodies! xxx


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