Saturday, 6 December 2014

Elongating die-cuts

I have been asked the question today about the stitched dies I used to cut the panels for my snowman card in the previous post.
I used the Lil Inkers dies and I have both the large and small sets.
As these are American dies and the sizes used across the pond are a little different from those used in the UK, I do a little bit of jiggery pokery in order to make them fit UK measurements.
For this card I used the largest die from the Lil' Inkers Small set.
Here you can see it against my image.
You may notice that the die-cut is longer than the die!
This is how I achieve this.
  • Begin by arranging the die around one end of the image
  • Add the top plate and wind the die through the machine, STOPPING before you get right to the end of the die
  • Winding in the reverse direction, run the card back out of the machine
  • Now remove the die and arrange it around the other end of the image, ensuring that the stitches match with the previously cut ones. (I move the die and card together  from side to side so I can feel if the notches on the die are aligned in with the previous cuts) .
  • When I'm happy that I have the stitches engaged with the previous cut and that the length is what I need, I run the card through the machine once more...again STOPPING before I reach the end of the die.
So that's how you make a die-cut, longer than the die that cuts it!

If you have any questions, DO email me, if you leave a comment requiring a response, answers don't always get back to you!


  1. And it seems to work PERFECTLY for you - this is a lovely make


  2. So glad someone else asked and you explained as I was wondering how you did it as well. So obvious once you know how!

  3. Gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your very kind and gracious reply to my question about the dies! And quick! Wow, these are great detailed instructions! Thank you! You're the best!

  4. Holy cow, Chrissie! I came to tell you that this is my new favorite Christmas card of 2014 and I found an excellent tip in the process! I love you!! Darnell

  5. Oooh how clever Chrissie,thanks... now I just have to remember it now lol ;) Viv xx ps. btw. you have that prove your a robot thing apearing when you try to leave a comment...I think it's blogger messing around again.

  6. such a cuuuuuute snowman!! love this card!


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