Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Holiday 'Mysteries'

My lack of cardmaking this week is due to the fact that we have our granddaughter Daisy staying with us during the first week of her Easter break from school.
Each day we have been going on a 'Mystery'. We have managed quite a few this week. Yesterday we went to Portchester Castle, where we climbed right to the top of the keep and back down some steep spiral staircases.
Today we did an Easter Trail at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, followed by exploring the buildings at Butser Ancient farm.
I shall be exhausted by the end of the week!


  1. Oh, what is your grandchild pampered. How nice that must not be able to make such a fun trips Very nice ...
    Greets Patrice

  2. You might be exhausted Grandma but just think of the memories you are creating with her.

  3. Sound like looks of fun to me

  4. Sounds like Daisy is having a great time! We passed Butser ancient farm this morning on our way in to Portsmouth, I always look up at tbe windmill:) Enjoy the rest of the week I'm sorry not to be catching up with you and Anne at Ally Pally C
    Val xhrissie!

  5. Aww she looks so cute, yes I bet you are exhausted too. Glad my granddaughter is still a babe in arms yet...but the grandsons are growing up fast tiring as you say:)Viv xx


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