Monday, 31 March 2014


Several people have asked me where I visited on my recent trip to Australia, so I thought that I would just write a post with a few pics of my holiday!
We began by stopping over in Bangkok for a few days and among other things i took and elephant ride and also

visiting the floating market!
From here we flew to Perth and from there took a river cruise, visited Fremantle and I also managed to catch up with a friend of my daughter's from her University days.
Here is the tram we took our tour of Fremantle on.
We then went to Margaret River and visited several wineries.
This was my first glimpse of a kangaroo... it was a way away but if you squint you might just spot a couple between the rows of vines in the centre of the picture.
We then flew to Alice Springs and visited the Flying Doctor Service, The School of the Air and the first telegraph station and the actual 'Spring'. These were all brilliant visits and really interesting.
From there we went on to Uluru (Ayres Rock) and had a dinner under the stars following champagne and canapes at sunset! Fabulous! The following morning we were up to see the sunrise at the rock!
The flies were a real pain.. hence the fly net on my hat!
From here we flew to Cairns and had a couple of days there followed by a couple of days at Port Douglas.
Here we took a trip out to to Barrier Reef, where we took a helicopter trip over it, took a semi-submersible trip to see under it and and snorkelled to see in it! It was a brilliant day and the weather was really kind!
Here is my hubby following his snorkelling adventure. A friend took one of me in my stinger suit, but I haven't managed to get that pic from them yet.
 From here we flew to Melbourne and took a superb trip around the cricket ground (my husband was in heaven) and also visited the Old Gaol! (That was great fun!) It was also the rather sinister venue of Ned Kelly's hanging!
From Melbourne we flew to Sydney and had a wonderful stay once more. This time we managed to see the opera Carmen at the Opera House, which was spectacular and also took a seaplane flight over the harbour. 
Following this lot we had a couple of days R&R in Sentosa, Singapore!
What a fab holiday!
Hope you weren't too bored!


  1. I am so pleased you had a wonderful trip here in Australia, the is so much to see and do. Your photo's of your trip are wonderful. I hope you got lots of inspiration for your cards while you were here also. Welcome back, love seeing what you will create next.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and lovely photos Chrissie!

  3. Fab photos of your trip fact it is virtually an exact replica of our last trip to Australia!!! Isn't the floating market in Bangkok brilliant? So glad that you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Karen x

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time, so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing the pix


  5. Wow Chrissie - what an extensive itinerary! As an Australian (formerly from England age 10) I am always amazed at how much travelling visitors to this country attempt, and manage so well! You have certainly seen the highlights of the major cities and tourist destinations, so will have plenty to think about once you recover! Thank you so much for sharing your photos - and I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday. You would be welcome back any time. Hugs, Ann

  6. Fab photos Chrissie, I 'm so glad you had a great time :D Welcome home, Hugs Gay x

  7. Wow Chrissie, what a marvelous trip! It looks like you had a fantastic time! Glad to see you back in blog land :)

  8. It looks like an amazing holiday Chrissie. Thanks for sharing a few photos with us.

  9. Loved your photos Chrissie, we returned from Singapore on 16th March so must have just missed you.

  10. It sounds like the most wonderful holiday Chrissie and your photos have really brought it to life! Vicky x


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