Saturday, 24 July 2010

OSCC Sketch challenge

This has not been a good week for cardmaking!
It began with my daughter and granddaughter staying for a few days. Libby is pregnant and was waiting for her 12 week scan and needed a little help with Daisy who had been under the weather and a little cranky. SO no chance of card-making there. Then I went to Bath to look after Daisy whilst the scan took place... 7.10pm!! I didn't think that these departments worked at that hour. All was well and I returned home on Tuesday evening.
On Wednesday I made one card before heading off to meet Julia of WOYWW fame. We had a wonderful time chatting and drinking coffee; she is such a nice lady, it's an experience I would love to repeat. It is strange to meet friends that you don't actually know, but I love it.
On Wednesday evening however, I was struck down with some lurgy and have been feeling rubbish ever since. The doctor asked me to take part in some study or other, but if it hadn't been for my husband reading out the questions and filling in the questionnaire, it wouldn't have got done because as sure as eggs I didn't feel up to doing it!
Then yesterday my car died!
My husband uses it for running around town and when he went to use it, the battery was as flat as a fluke. Today he can't even open the door, each time he blips the key, the alarm goes off. What is going on?
This card was made as my DT submission for OSCC where Lisa has designed a sketch and asked us to use metal somewhere or other. The image is from Tiffany Doodles who just happens to be this week's sponsor. The lucky winner will receive some images from her website.
I made a straight border into a curved one again for this one. The instructions are a few posts back. The butterflies are from a Martha Stewart Punch, the little tag is Cuttlebug, and the paper is Cuddly Buddly.
I hope to be feeling better really soon!


  1. I love this card, love the gingham, the layout, the colour. I had a try at making a straight border go round but I'm afraid I haven't got the patience and gave up :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Chrissie what a week. I hope you are feeling better now. It sounds like your car has the same problem as ours had the other week. A new battery cured it instantly!.

    Your card is wonderful I love the border, I think I will have to get a Martha Stewart punch while I am here.


  3. Oh Chrissie I'm so sorry you aren't well, whatever could have caused that. And the week got to half way so well! Gosh darn the car too, it's just such a major inconvenience. I held onto our lovely meeting as the week became more frenetic, please say we'll plan another!

  4. Lovely card Chrissie x I don't know if I would be able to do that technique with the punch but I think it is a great idea. I do hope you get well soon and your car too! The same thing happened to us and it turned out to be a flat battery because we had left the lights on - don't know how we managed that but we did !! Hugs xx

  5. Well you have had one heck of a week,I do hope you feel better soon. Your card is beautiful as usual,I love the colours you have

  6. Glad you both had a good day together, and sorry you are under the weather too Chrissie....great card though

  7. Absolutely gorgeous card Chrissie, love it all of course, fab colours. Where's the toadstool house from?
    Sorry you've not been well, hope you're on the mend now. Ooh how great meeting up with Julia, lucky you ;-)
    Anne xx

  8. oh oh so much to take in, not sure if I should be writing, fab card - bumer about the car or doing back flips for Libby! I'm going to settle with congratulations for Libby - know how very nervous she must have been waiting for that scan.
    Biggest hugs and great big smiles

  9. Chrissie-don't worry they are always having sales

  10. Brill card - rubbish news!!! Hope i find that the car is better in later posts... i'm getting there!!!

    Paula x x x


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