Tuesday, 17 June 2014


ThermoMorph - Polymorph Moldable Plastic Pellets 500g - AKA Shapelock Plastimake InstaMorph
I was recently asked to review this product!
It's a product with a variety of uses, but for my purposes I wanted to see how it performed making embellishment for craft projects.
It melted easily and quickly in boiling water and was easy to mould. I did make the error however, of using a plastic mixing jug in which to melt the pellets. The product stuck to the jug, especially after a secondary melting. Using glass however, is perfect!
I used silicone moulds to make various embellishments. The product formed quickly with very sharp detail.
These flowers were coloured with Copic Markers. The one on the right in the front of the picture had some alcohol ink mixed in with the medium before moulding. Do remember to wear rubber gloves if you do this!
It can also be coloured with acrylic paint, after which it will accept shimmer sprays!
It's a robust finish and will not break if dropped. It is fun to use and will probably have as many uses as people there are who try it!  
It's available from Amazon.co.uk


  1. Sounds like a fun project - your flowers turned out just great


  2. Those pretty cool! I love the coloring!

  3. Your flowers look amazing :) sounds like a fun project !

  4. These poppies are lovely Chrissie. I have a jar of the stuff waiting for me to have a go with it - I just lacked a bit of inspiration! Thanks for sharing. x Jo

  5. Hi Chrissie - how strange.....just waiting for my pot to arrive!!! lol This looks a lot of fun and not as delicate as clay. Lovely poppies; you can also add glitter to the heated granules before moulding.

    Karen x


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