Saturday, 28 June 2014

Petals - Please vote


Petals is a specialist counselling service for women and couples in Cambridgeshire who’ve been left heartbroken by the death of their baby or a miscarriage. Petals provides much-needed emotional support, helping people come to terms with their loss and move on with their lives.
Petals is a charity providing specialised counselling for parents who have lost their babies or experienced pregnancy-related trauma of all kinds. At present they are based in Cambridgeshire, and parts of Suffolk and North Essex but are looking to expand nationwide.
They have made it through to the final of the national lottery awards #NLAwards and they need your vote to win more funding and publicity. Winners receive their award at the final on BBC1.
We would be very grateful if you could vote by following the link below

My daughter in law was greatly supported by this organisation last year and in turn they need both publicity and funding to keep up their great work.
Anyone who has had personal experience or knows someone who has had of this kind of loss, will understand the need for this service. 
You can vote here
Thank you! 


  1. Done! I wish this kind of service had been available in my area when I needed it, unfortunately 15 or so years ago you were just left to "get on with it".

  2. Done Chrissie. As Helen says wish something similar had been around in 1982 instead of a course of antidepressants!

  3. Voted and shared - what a great cause xx

  4. I voted Chrissie, I was fortunate that my hospital had services available for me when we lost one of our twin girls at birth. I'm in the US, hope it still counts. ~Diane


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