Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Wednesday already!
Snoop time has arrived.
I got a considerable amount done yesterday... craft-wise that is. Lots of cards for Cuddly Buddly, where I hold the not-inconsiderable title of Fabulously Crafty Friend! It really means that I design cards for their range of rubber and digi stamps.
The idea is to give potential purchasers some ideas of how the products can be used. If you're anything like me I see something that someone has done and it gives me an idea, not necessarily a copy exactly, but it makes me think of my interpretation of that idea.
Today my desk is cluttered with the detritus of my last card, which I just posted on my blog. I masked a sentiment so that it would fit into a SU word window without its traily bits. The folder shoved unceremoniously on top of the small drawers has samples of my unmounted stamps in. They are in the small drawers on the shelf. I wouldn't remember half of what I have stashed away in there if I hadn't taken a print of them for reference.
The second picture shows my printer, which is behind me and to my right. The drawer that is open contains Christmas and special occasion stamps, I've just been digging around for Easter and Mother's Day stuff.
I haven't actually taken a print of each of these... maybe I should, it's hard to remember from one year to the next what exactly I have got in there!
The link to Julia's blog is on my side bar, go and get snooping... it's such good fun!


  1. There is still space at the table for me to eat Chrissie - just. Just to say I live next door to DD and most Sundays she has a gang round for roast dinner - I get one too - so quite oftne has to borrow a couple of chairs. On the days that she needs all four I have to sit on my office (computery) chair, which also doubles as a piano chair for the grandkids as I have the piano in here due to lack of space next door (I don't play myself but take them for their lessons) I still can't do the timestep without saying the words as I do it LOL.
    Now to your desk - Love that spotty card, and the images of your stamps on show in that pink folder are lovely. I spy some change and a reel of thread? I nearly bought one of those paintbrush holders last week for my Promarkers but I hear you're supposed to store them horizontally wthough I haven't done up to now.
    Anne xx

  2. AHA! Someone else who catalogues their stamps the way I do! All I have to do is browse the folder, and then try and remember where they're actually stored .... which is everywhere! Love that round thingy you've got brushes stored in!

  3. Hi mate, as far as I'm concerned - two opposities make a perfect friendship! So stay by me please!! Love you as you are. Anyway, who's Miss Organized with all her labelling, and those Copics so neatly stored, and then there's that super file of stamped images!?!?!? Excuse me, but I'm a bit envious of all your stash - How's about us doing a swap - my tidy empty room for your stash? Somehow, I don't think you want to take me up on this. Oh, well worth a try! Cuttlehugs, Eileen x

  4. See a girl after my own heart, just what I like to see... that one day I will clean my desk ( when I no longer can push it back , thats the time).
    I keep saying one day I will sort my stamps out... One day!

  5. lovely desk, I like how you have everything in easy reach

  6. ‘Push Back’ is good Chrissie but like you my table is against a wall so mine all goes so far back and then spreads sideways until it falls off and hits the floor.

    And I have to say….those stamps are way too tidy girl!


  7. What a great idea to keep a reference of all the stamps you've got. If only I had the time...... :-)
    A x

  8. That stamping binder is a great idea, I don't have enough stamps to warrant doing that yet, but I'm working on it!


  9. I have a 'gift'...I can't write down a list, but I know exactly what stamps I have (and where)and I can stand in a shop fully confident that I'm not going to buy a double! I think this is a developed 'gift'becasue I can't bear the thought of retrospective cataloguing; the time investment is too great for me, just not patient enough! I bet, since you installe the Copics and narrwoed down your workspace, that the 'push back' is more a push right!

  10. I don't think I will ever be that organised, I dont have as many stamps as you but a bit like Julia I know which ones i have so shouldn't get duplicates (but now that I've said it...)

    Hugs Pam

  11. Chrissie - you do strike me as being a fastidiously organised person which may come from your former career as a schoolteacher - although I might be way off the mark!!!

    I love your space and like to think of you sat there creating all your stunning cards. I also like that carousel thingy for your pens/brushes. Can you remember where you got it from?

    I'm getting in to stamping so need to consider a better way to keep mine other than thrown them all in one of those big white storage bags on my shelf!! Fancy a job??? tee hee.


    Paula x x x

  12. Oh you look busy this week Chrissie and showing us a little more of the real you each week I feel I know you so well darling , don't show us to much remember I'm only a little way up the road and I may take a fancy to some of you stash !! lol and I have no finger prints at the moment so you've been warned !! he he
    Love Susie xx

  13. omg! im so envying those copics! LUCKY DUCK

  14. I was wondering how you found any stamps in that really deep draw, when I re-read about your folder - keep meaning to make impressions of all my stamps for the same day...

  15. I am impressed and you know me Chrissie ... I am not easily impressed ... cataloging stamps ... very impressive X

  16. I do that too with my stamps it's just in a pull out holder makes it soo easy to find stamps just need to get some of that Ez foam and I'm all set Smart about stamping all the images of your stamps too
    hugs Nikki

  17. Look at all those stamps! Wow! I think I own 7 or 8 max! :P Love the idea of cataloguing them though.

  18. hee hee - I like your mug!! It's a pity that it's a bit dangerous to try crafting with a mug of G and T!! Goodness knows what we'd end up with!


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