Tuesday, 16 February 2010

An Award from my friend Wipso

I have just been fortunate enough to receive this award from my blogging buddy Wipso, seamstress extraordinaire! You should check out her fabulous blog and online shop (see the link on my sidebar)
To accept it you need to take part in a little information sharing
1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy.
2. Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself.
3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing. :)
4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person awarded you.
SO here goes
  1. My family... my husband, my son and daughter-in-law, my daughter and son-in-law and my darling granddaughter Daisy.
  2. Cardmaking and fiddling around with paper.
  3. Spending time with friends.
  4. Singing in my choir.
  5. Cruising (not for toy-boys... I mean on the ocean).
  6. Finding a bargain.
  7. Beautiful music.
  8. Playing board games with friends and family.
  9. Dining out in posh (yummy food) restaurants.
  10. Spending time in my lovely comfortable home!
And now for 5 interesting things about me
  1. I was my guide company's very first Queen's Guide. (not telling you what year it was)
  2. We are still friendly with and continue to visit my son's French exchange family. They live in Caen and we have been friends since my son was 15. He's now nearly 34. What luck to have found such a wonderful family!
  3. I had back surgery in the USA and I had my appendix removed in France.
  4. I haven't seen my natural hair colour for about 20 years.
  5. We used to have a caravan.

Now I must pass this award on to 5 of my bloggy friends. There could be so many, but here goes.
Victoria - always an inspiration, Eileen - totally innovative, Paula & Jackie - faithful visitors to my blog whose kind words mean so much, and to Sharon who has helped me out when things have become a trifle too technical for me!
Thank you all!


  1. It seems Paula has been chosen to receive this blog by us both. Aren't we just so locky to have such a special communal friend? It's really lovely to find out a bit more about each other. Thanks for accepting the challenge.
    A x

  2. Hi Chrissie and many thanks once again for thinking of me. I would be very happy to accept your award to me but it will have to be later when I can think of 5 friends to choose from the many I have gathered since I started blogging :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Well done. And good for you..my natural hair colour gives me away far more often than I can deal with it!!

  4. Congrats on your award - you really do deserve acclaim for your super crafting. Don't think I can match your interesting titbits, but I can accept your award with pleasure and many thanks. Eileen x

  5. Oh Chrissie - Thank you so much for this award - from both you and Wipso - its such a honour and delight to receive from you considering the number of blogging friends you must have.

    If it's ok with you both - I'll just provide 5 bits of trivia about myself rather than ten as I don't want to put off visitors to my blog!!

    I'm off to watch something on TV with my OH now and will come back and blog later. Its not often I watch TV in the lounge, preferring the paper playground/conservatory where I have sky multiroom anyway (but not sky plus!!)

    big hugs

    Paula x x x


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