Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Goodness, how quickly the weeks pass!
Another Wednesday and another WOYWW! For those new to the phenomenon it means an opportunity to snoop around the workdesks of the world, through the brainchild of Julia... the link is on my sidebar.
Do join in!
Yesterday I received a package containing my SU In Stitches Jumbo Wheel, which I promptly popped into the microwave for a few seconds in order to soften the adhesive so that I could get the stamp off the wheel. I didn't really want all the rows of stitches all together, so once I had removed the rubber from the wheel I popped it onto some EZ Mount and cut the individual rows of 'stitching' into separate stamps, which I think will be much more useful. I'm going to store them in with another SU set...  Plane & Simple... I hope I can remember where they are when I need them.
I shall have to come up with a use for the empty wheel now!
My husband and I decided to go on a diet as he needed to lose weight because of high blood pressure and I needed to because I was fat!
In the six weeks that we have been going to Slimming World, my husband has lost over a stone and a half and I have lost 12lbs. Slow but sure... that's me!


  1. All looks super organised! The stag's head is gorgeous what a lovely card it will make, thanks for sharing xx

  2. Loving the deer/Stag Crimbo card.Welldone to you both on the weight loss.slow and steady is good hun dont knock it !
    Have fab wednesday and creative week ahead
    hugs judex16

  3. Well done with the weight loss :-)
    A x

  4. We've both got deer on our blogs this week - what are the chances of that, eh?? Way to go with the weight loss - you must be feeling better with that gone. I'll have to get cracking now, you've inspired me. I forgot all about the word verification, shall try to do it next week :)
    Hugs, LLJ #41 xx

  5. Hi, your stag card looks fabulous. Clever idea to use the stamps differently. If you wrap fibres and stuff around the wheel perhaps you could add some paint textures to your backgrounds?

  6. Good idea to split your wheel stamps up, I think it will be much more practical for you.

    Well done to you and hubby on your weight loss. Hope it has had a positive effect on your hubbies BP, I know it really helped mine come down.

    Love Mandy xxx

  7. 12lbs in 6 weeks sounds like you are doing very well! Good on you, Chrissie! Thanks for the idea on splitting up In Stitches!

  8. Hi there Chrissie, yes great ideas and how frustrating when we cant remember where we store them but do like your adapting ideas... thanks again for all your great posts on which I rarely comment but receive by email.
    And re diet, my sister and I have been doing it for seven weeks and I am very pleased I have lost 3.2kg (which I guess is around 7lbs, took three weeks for me to click back into gear before it started correctly for me) sister has also lost, so getting ready for our summer.
    And men always lose it easier than we do - metabolism - been to Weight watchers regularly since 2006 when I lost all my weight - need revisiting occasionally to take off a few kg. The men always beat us by miles.
    Slow is good. :D Love Shaz in oz.x

  9. Your card looks lovely. Well done with the diet too. x Jo

  10. Congratulations on the weightloss - slow and steady is the best way to keep it off so well done. Thanks for sharing your workspace, much love, Jennibellie x

  11. Hi Chrissie! I loved touring the work spaces - how fun :)

    MEN! So unfair they THINK about loosing weight and it comes off! :) Congrats on your 12 though - you just keep at it! Good for you :)

  12. Good idea about the wheel - I didnt know you could do that. Good luck on the weight loss - I joined Weight Watchers last week and have lost 3lbs! whoo hoo. (no. 34)

  13. I love the look of the card that is on your desk. Well done on the weight loss, that is fantastic!

  14. I'm sure those stamps will be much more useful as singles that all on the roll together. Congrats on the weight loss too! Just in time for the Christmas season!

    Brenda 86

  15. Firstly Chrissie well done for losing your weight....
    WHat a great idea taking off the stitches on the roller...I've now put that roller on my WISH list...


  16. Well done for that weight loss. That is good. I am in the process of getting down to a proper healthy diet, and I am determined to keep it off this time. I notice you mentioned the dreaded EZ mount. I hat that stuff with a passion, and have removed all my stamps (with difficulty) from it. I now use the Clarity stamp handles and attach the stamp with Crafters Companion re-positional spray. I usually put the paper/card on an upside down mouse mat which gives just enough to get a good impression.

  17. PS forgot to say how lovely is that stag card.

  18. Busy desk and I'm most impressed at the weight loss by you and DH... keep it up. Slowly is best too.
    JoZarty x

  19. Brilliant diet results Chrissie - you're doing really well. Love the idea of taking all those stitches off the wheel, just the job and so much more useful to my mind.

  20. Love the deer card. Well done on that weight loss ...I so need to loose weight but cant get my head in the right place.xx

  21. Great idea to split up those stamps - so much more potential now - now you need to cover the wheel in rubber bands or string to get some textured rolling going on!
    A huge well done on the diet - good for you - very responsible and admirable - as this time of the year it's hard to be motivated - treat yourself to a new stamp instead of pud!

  22. Well done you!! keep at it, and dont give up, you'll do really well,
    Love the Stag, beautiful, and thanks for the tip on the wheel, never thought about that, DOH!

  23. What a good idea to split the stamp up - makes it all much more useful I'm sure. Love the stag, it's beautiful.
    Congratulations to you both on your weight loss. Most men find it much easier to lose weight ... nothing to do with being more virtuous, more to do with a kinder metabolism :) Elizabeth x #55


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