Monday, 12 October 2009

Two completely different cards

Today's challenge from 365 Cards is to include the word 'SO' somewhere on the card. I have a huge sentiment which reads 'Thanks so much' but that seemed too easy, so trying to think outside the box a little I decided to look through my stamps to try and find something a little different. I came across this one from MSE which is a poem by Sir Philip Sidney and has the word 'SO' in it just once. If you would like to click on the picture to zoom in, you can probably just about see it beneath the bookplate. In case it's not too clear, here is the poem in its entirety.
My true-love hath my heart, and I have his,
By just exchange one for the other given.

I hold his dear, and mine he cannot miss:

There never was a bargain better driven.

His heart in me keeps me and him in one;

My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides:

He loves my heart, for once it was his own;

I cherish his because in me it bides.

His heart his wound received from my sight;

My heart was wounded with his wounded heart;

For as from me on him his hurt did light,

still, methought, in me his hurt did smart:
Both equal hurt, in this change sought our bliss,

My true love hath my heart and I have his.
From Arcadia
The sketch I used for this card is from Clean & Simple Challenge #63
I'm afraid the sunlight has bleached a lot of colour out of this photo. The papers are Laura Ashley and Cuddly Buddly, the bookplate is from Spellbinders

I made this Eeyore card for Stamptacular Sunday Challenge yesterday, but with the evenings beginning to draw in, the light wasn't good enough to take a picture of it. I really must do something about getting some lighting for my piccies.
The challenge is entitled Character Counts, where a cartoon character should be featured. I only have a couple of relevant stamps but love this one of Eeyore looking so forlorn. I desperately wanted to add more to it but I really think that the starkness of it, together with the blue background adds to the sentiment!!


  1. Chrissie, great cards I especially love the Eeyore one.

  2. LOVE eeyore!! and arnt you clever in your finding a poem with only 1 "so"!! love that card and the bookplate is awesoeme :0)

  3. Hello

    Stopped by to see your creation for the stamptacular challenge this week, and was suprised to see you had chosen eeyore too! I love eeyore!

    I love your card, you are right it is perfect as it is and definitely doesnt need anything else added! Love it!

    C x

  4. both completly different!! Both just gorgeous!!

  5. Beautiful card Chrissie! and I love the eyore card too!

  6. Love your Eeyore card! Great idea for an "I'm Sorry" card. Thanks for joining us at the SSC.

  7. two gorgeous, but very different cards! love the poem, but adore Eeyore!
    hugs, annie x

  8. Great cards, love the poem. Eeyore looks so sorry! so great choice.

  9. Chrissie, both cards are SO nice! Very creative! I love the papers/colors that you chose for the 'so' card.

  10. LOVE the 365 challenge card! The colors are FAB and I am just a sucker for text, especially if it is a lovely poem! Great card!

  11. Both cards superb in their own way, but the top one just pips the other one at the post :o)
    Jackie xx

  12. Your first card is stunning and the second is so cute. I just adore Eeyore. He's my fave of the WP bunch. Thanks for playing along this week at SSC:)

  13. I just love Eeyore. I think his is just so gloomily adorable. Thanks for joining us at SSC.
    Hugs xx

  14. oh my most favorite character ever he he i love eeyore and your card is wonderful. thank you for taking part at ssc

  15. Love the Ieoor ;0)
    The other card is pretty to ..

    Thanks for joining us t SSC this week.

    Janneke X

  16. I just adore this!! I so LOVE Eyore and his melancoly! I think think your card is perfect just the way it is.

    Thanks for joining us at SSC this week!

    Hugs, Line

  17. Beautiful card, Chrissie. That sentiment is just perfect to go with Eeyore (or the other way around!). Love the blue paper too. Thanks for joining us this week at SSC! Hugs, Sem x

  18. Beautiful cards!!! Eeyore..saying I'm so just the perfect thing..I can visualize the scene..Eeyore saying in his heavy sad you all 365-ers..I will try to back in the gang soon.
    Thanks for joining us at SCS.

  19. Beautiful card! I just adore Eeyore.
    Thanks for joining us at SSC this week.

  20. Eeyore is adorable as is your card.
    I love the blues. Thanks for palying along.

  21. That first card is my fav. Just the kind of card I love, and very out of the box thinking...w/o cheating. hee hee Nice job on Eeyore too! He's my fav character!

  22. Great cards, Chrissie! Love Eeyore, he's such a dear!
    Thanks so much for joining us at SSC this week!


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