Wednesday, 6 January 2010


For the first time for a few weeks, I somehow seem to know that today is Wednesday. The days have all been merging into one another over the holiday when we were both visiting and being visited. SO today, I remembered to take a pic of my desk.
I also took a picture of my garden from my bedroom window this morning to see a sight not often envisaged in these 'ere parts... snow! It has been snowing steadily since this was taken and is now a lot thicker!! I have also remembered to go out and put more food on the bird table. Poor little things, I don't know where they shelter in this cold weather.
I am supposed to be getting down to making some more wedding stationery, but being the world's greatest procrastinator, it's taking me a while to get around to it. Once I get started I'll be fine, but I need to clear my space completely (no mean feat) and get organised for my production line!
Enjoy the snow, stay warm and take care if you DO have to go out!


  1. Hi Chrissie, love your snow piccie, it's gorgeous the snow isn't it but a pain as well,thanks for your comments xx

    Hugs Liz xx

  2. Lovely snowy pic. You keep your desk very tidy for someone who makes such a lot of different beautiful cards.
    A x

  3. Hi Chrissie,
    I've taken food and drink out for the birds too. The blackbirds are all loitering in the garden looking very sorry for themselves.
    I wish the snow would go!
    Have a good day.
    Clare x

  4. Very creative desk Chrissie, but also very organised, a sort of give away to your profession if you ask me! Love the house image on top - is it a digi?

  5. I can see your predicament ... not really wedding stationery weather is it? But your tactful nudge worked ... have just been out and fed the birds :0)

  6. I love your desk, hate the snow...LOL that blue paper I see is really pretty
    Hugs Normajean

  7. Your desk is so efficient looking :D Having major Copic envy... again! :P

  8. Thanks for your comment Chrissie :D You did make me smile - my desk is only tidy because I was fed up of OH's heavy sighs every time he looked at it. I'm the biggest slob in the world usually - one of my Resolutions this year even had to be: Do at least SOME housework! *g*

  9. oh I get copic envy every Wednesday looking at your desk, And now I have garden envy too!

    By the way you can't be the worlds greatest procrastinator as I already hold that title!


  10. Ooh all those Copics ;) Lovely pic of the garden, the snow looks splendiferous :) I beg to differ though, I'm certain I'm the world's greatest procrastinator!
    Anne x

  11. Love the card you've made with the bits on your desk!! Are they copics I spy??? Me wants some!!

    I started out with a small draw of craft bits & now I have the area you can see plus drawers & cupboards on the other side of the front room full!! Well crafters need to spread out!!

  12. Oh now that's a bonus, we get to nosey at your garden too!!
    I have gazed in awe and jealousy at your copic stash xx

  13. You have lots intresting bits on your desk today Chrissie, I'm not going to mention the copics (drool) but I would love to know where the stamp of of the little girl with the ladybug backpack came from its so cute.
    Hugs Pam

  14. Are those copics at the back there??? Omigoodness, that lot must be worth a FORTUNE! Not that I'm envious or anything .....

  15. {drooling} over Copics!
    You have a very organised work area - envy again!


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